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Building my 2. Panel


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Hey guys,


I'm back to the a10 and building my second panel. So here's a screenshot of my first plans for the second one. Do u think I need some more important buttons or to change some switches with other ones? If u interested in I can update this thread till the end when It's done If u want :thumbup:


U can find my first panel in the description.


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It's all in progress. The switches, LEDS and Buttons are all arrived. Now I need to finish the panel for all buttons.


Here's my setup(Hyperlinks integrated):

- 2 Arcaze USB Cards [input for switches, leds and buttons]

- 2 IDE Cable UDMA-66

- 10 Double pole snap switches MTS-101

- 10 Tripple pole snap switches MTS-103

- 6 angled push switches PBS-12A

- 1 round push switch PBS-11A

- 2 relief caps [for seat and payload]

- 4 red leds

- 2 yellow leds

- 3 green leds

- resistance for the leds


More pictures incoming!


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So, It's finally done!


Thats how my "cockpit" looks like. (The Throttle is not included in the picture). My panel fits really really nice under the monitor and has no opportunity to move under or beside the monitor ;). All LEDS working well by toggling switches and I finally made it to bind all switches and Its working correctly with the game.


I know I'm not that hardcore builder like other one's here in the forum, but I think for a medium player Its nice :D



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