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8" Monitors, Cougar MFCDs, Joystick PCB


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Hi to all you cockpit builders,


I have 2 x 8" monitors (http://www.x-vision.co.uk/product.php?xProd=513&xSec=197), 2 x Cougar MFCD button things and one of those USB joystick circuit board you can use to create button and dial panels.


I am happy to sell the whole lot for £100 and, providing we can agree a shipping cost, I don't mind sending them anywhere in the world. I am in East London, England if you are local and want to see it all in action.


Is anyone interested and, perhaps more importantly, if I am breaking some sort of forum etiquette, is there a more appropriate place for me to be advertising?


Happy flying!




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Why are you selling your stuff? Is this a slightly used stuff?


his stuff is already sold :thumbup:


Australasian Gaming Community


Specs: Intel Quad 2.4GHz -- Geforce GTX 560 Duo -- SSD HDD -- 8Gb Mem -- 23" led -- 17"touch -- Logitech G940 Flight System --JoyLocs-- TIR 5 -- Cougar MFD'S -- Helios -

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