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ME - arty units have "max range" circle but no "min range", please add "min range"


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Hey guys,


apparently many arillery units (GRAD, Smerch, you name it) have a minimum target distance. If the target is too close the unit will just not do anything and we as mission makers have to experiment a whole bunch before we can precisely place units in a way we want.


Could we please get a "minimum tgt range" circle in the mission editor in addition to the "maximum range" we already have? That would making missions easier, lower frustration levels, "bug" report levels and overall make a better game.


I ask for support from all mission makers.


Thank you a lot in advance!


System specs:

2500k @ 4.6 GHz


HD7950 OC'd

Win7 x64


Posting tracks to make your DCS better - attention bump incoming!

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