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No mouse cursor at all?


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I'm just getting started with DCS World and the KA-50, however I have no mouse cursor at all while in-game, this is using LALT+C to display the cursor. I can move my view around, see the mouse when I press esc, I've tried it with windowed mode, aero on and off, cursor trails and magnification were both disabled already, turned AA off, alt tabbed in and out, waited for it to appear, waggled it around violently, vsync and administrator mode. Not really sure what to do now other than to just try and learn all the key commands!


I'm running the latest auto updated version, not sure what I can really do any more.


Any help would be appreciated.


edit: well I reinstalled DCS World and I now can see the cursor, however I can't interact with anything and it is always there.


edit2: newest update completely removed the cursor again.

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