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Can´t asign any axis

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Hi there,


my first post and it´s a bug (or my fault)


I´ve got all DCS flying stuff, so I´m quiet used to dcs control setup.


I just downloaded FC3, went straight to options to asign axis. Just wanted to make a quick flight.


But I´m not able to asign any axis, not only for the FC3 planes also for the Shark, A10 or P51.

If I press "asign axis" nothing happens. I´m using TM warthog and saitek rudders.

I allready deleted the config folders for all planes.


Don´t know what to do !


I hope somebody can help


(When flying the Ka50 or the others my controls work just fine, I can also adjust the controlers in the option menu but if I "clear" one, I´m not able to asign it again)

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I have the same problem


I'm not able to assign an axis. TM Cougar HOTAS and Saitek rudder pedals are loaded and calibrated in Win7. I running DCSW with A-10c and P-51

God grant me the senility to forget what I want to change, Medicare to pay for my nursing care, and the dementia to forget why....

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