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Integration Problem

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Hi Folks , I have a small problem, its no biggie but here goes,


I Bought , some time ago, the original Lock On , on DVD from Amazon.

I later upgraded it by buying the Flaming Cliffs Pack (download) from DCS.

At the time I had some compatibility problems trying to get the Flaming Cliffs pack working on my Windows 7 machine, but eventually managed to install it, with the original Lock On , in my Vista Laptop and thats how I`ve been using it.

now my laptop is not the speediest of beasts so I would prefer to run it on the windows 7 machine.

(Thats half of the "problem").


The other half is that I have now purchased DCS P-51 (download ) and installed it with DCS Main program on the windows 7 machine. -I would LIKE to integrate everything and just have them all installed from within DCS Main program on the windows 7 machine as I have also just upgraded the Graphics card and Upped the memory to 8GB.


The problem I have is integrating everything - on the main website, the Flaming Cliffs pack is still showing as a purchase option for me, (I do have a Key and Activation code plus a hardware number originally supplied by DCS). - I have not attempted moving anything yet as I wanted to consult with one of your knowledgable "Guru`s" in order to get it right first time.


Edit:- OK -Found the problem - I have the Flaming Cliffs Version 1.12b , - didn`t realise this was a new Edition.

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Solved Problem

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