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Collective sensitivity


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Like many people I've been having huge problems landing the Huey, to the point where I almost made a stroppy post and shelved it...but then I decided that my real issue was the collective - the tiniest movement is having a disproportionate impact on the in-game collective and instead of slowing my descent I'm going back up, correct that by the tiniest amount - nooo too much - boom. Again.


Part of the problem is my Sidewinder FFB - it's excellent for Huey but the throttle is VERY loose.

Jamming some card into the mechanism stiffens it up and is a big improvement but not enough.

Most advice is not to change the curves, but I tried anyway.

But the simple tuning flexes around the mid-point, its at about 25% that I need to flatten the curve.

Trying the user customisation just twiddles the ends. Don't think this is going to work. Am I doing this wrong?


So I mapped the collective (and zoom) to my n52 Nostromo arrow keys.

The collective works well in flight but the slightest tap of a key makes too much change for landings to be possible. Needs to be at most 1/4 of the current change.

Trying to zoom, just one tap makes the cockpit view zip from one extreme to the other, from extreme fish-eye to nose on the glass.


So keyboard repeat rate is (way) too fast? There is a key definition 'slow cockpit keyboard' - is that intended for this (doesn't seem to have any effect) or is there something else I can do?


Could other people be having similar problems or am I imagining it?




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The problem here is not enough collective at the right point.


This is how I approach a landing more than happy to jump into a server with you and try to help you.

But please don't give up I know its frustrating at the moment for you but give yourself time and plenty of it and eventually it will like me and others just click and you'll be left wondering what all the fuss was about.


Ok so landing approaching at say 80knts get her straight and stable don't bother trying to land on a specific spot just yet make sure you have room plenty of open space with out any buildings etc etc.

So 80knts level flight start dropping collective try to maintain a decent rate of between 500fpm to 1000fpm.

Nose down to much and your speed will increase nose up to much and you will bleed speed rapidly.

As you lower the collective pull that nose up or you will speed up but try not to level off just yet, keep an eye on your speed, adi, alt, and decent rate.

Think pulling the stick back is like the brakes it will make you climb but you will eventually slow down and start to descend.

Approaching 40knts at 500fpm this is around the danger zone and you don't start pulling the collective now you might as well pull out and go around.

This is where she bleeds speed very quickly and you are on the edge of the VRS envelope.

So at 40knts keep nose up slightly above centre line on the ADI as the speed drops pull on collective its almost keep pulling on it at the same rate as the speed goes down and now try to maintain a 400ftpm descent.

When pulling back on the stick to raise the nose there are times when she wants to climb let her don't fight her as it will only be momentary.

And also left peddle as you approach ground effect hover or she'll just pull to the right like on take off.

I think that just about covers it shouldn't bother to much with curves as its still in beta at the moment so when we get an update or final release you'll only have to change it again.

PM if you want me to jump in with you and help out make sure you have team speak though.

Eagles may soar high but weasel's don't get sucked into jet engines.



System Spec.

Monitors: Samsung 570DX & Rift CV1

Mobo: MSI Godlike gaming X-99A

CPU: Intel i7 5930K @ 3.50Ghz

RAM: 32gb

GPU: EVGA Nvidia GTX 980Ti VR Ready

Cooling: Predator 360

Power Supply: OCZ ZX Series 80 Plus Gold

Drives: Samsung SSD's 1tb, 500g plus others with OS Win10 64 bit


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Hi, thanks both for advice.

I do know the principles - it's being able to finely control the collective that's my issue.

With the 1.2.5 update applied I can no longer display the control options page,b so can't try modifying the curves as suggested!!!

OTOH I made half a dozen landings last night without a single crash so maybe 1.2.5 also fixed some things...



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Keith, after 1.2.5 there is a problem with the Huey in the options page. Go to your DCS/saved games folder and in the "Inputs" sub folder delete the Huey folders you find.

You will now have default controls in the Huey but the Options/Controls menu wi be available to you once again.

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