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Restoring mouse view


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Hey guys,


i got myself into some trouble. i wanted to assign the "switch clickable cockpit mouse" to my right mouse button so i can switch between the modes much easier. but since i couldn´t assign anything to a mouse buttton i just deleted the whole mouse configuration in the "all" category.

Now i can happily assign whatever mousebutton to a control but i also cant look around anymore.

do you guys know how to restore the mouse look configuration?

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got it:

delete/rename C:/Users/YourUser/Saved Games/DCS/Input/huey/mouse.lua


i also enabled the pan view from BS2, where you can lookk around and click at the same time:


Originally Posted by Alex O'Kean

option is always available in the

Scripts\Aircrafts\_Common\Cockpit\clickable_common .lua


just set


use_click_and_pan_mode = true

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