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New to DCS, a few questions.


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Greetings. =)


I come from IL2 (and a brief stint in CLoD) and well IL2 is showing its age and DCS looked like a lot of fun. I currently have DCS World, A10C, FC3 and P51. My friend gave me his Warthog HOTAS, I have a TIR4 Pro and pro flight pedals etc etc. Now for my questions;


How is MP, in the terms of whats popular? For instance, we had "dog fight" servers in IL2 which were objective based, complete them and win the map. Is this the same way in MP here?


This Warthog was a direct plug and play for A10C, which was nice. I have never ever programmed this stick before, in IL2 and in CLoD I just used directx buttons from within the game. I found a profile for the F15C here:




I'm assuming I use target and "run" that profile and minimize it and then start DCS, correct?


Dedicated server software, does it exist? Is it free?


That's about it I guess, least all I can think of.


Thanks. =)

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1. No MP is not like that really. Missions will generally end if the objectives are complete and the designer made them that way. What you really need to do is find a squad, ranging from the fairly casual to people who dress up in flight suits (I kid, I kid). There's even a DCS mercenaries one somewhere.


2. Not a clue, someonw more knowledgeable will be here soon no doubt.


3. A dedicated server doesn't exist. Users can set one up on their own computer at home and never turn it off or some companies rent servers out but option 1 makes your energy bills stupid and option 2 means you pay that company. Apparently ED are working on a dedi server.

Always remember. I don't have a clue what I'm doing

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