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Georgia Liberation Campaign

Welcome to the Black Sea. Our fleet is en route to Batumi, to assist pleas of assistance requested by the Georgian Government. The Georgian Army is currently being cornered at Batumi, the last territory still under control by the Georgian Government. They practically turned the entire city to a stronghold, using what’s left of their military equipment that remains after 2 months of war with the insurgents.

The Georgian Insurgency Army, or GIA, seeing the Georgian Army cornered like a scared cat, is being overly confident in their ability, and does not immediately rush to capture Batumi. Instead, they sit back and enjoy their perceived victory, from their main base in Tskhinvali. That situation will change however, and intel suggests that the GIA is preparing for a final push to Batumi in order to secure their total victory over Georgia.


Mission 01 - Universal Nemesis

Mission 02 - Bad Apple

Mission 03 - Phantasmagoria

Mission 04 - Fox Factory & Foughten Field

Mission 05 - Last Train

Mission 06 - Master Spark

Mission 07 - Scarlet Devil

Mission 08 - Misty Lake

Mission 09 - Hell Raven


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