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  1. I've just started VR with the Meta 2 (Formally known as Quest 2 lol) and for me it's brilliant. Flying mainly the Mi-8 the menu was way high, using your formula brings it down to the Engineers window level between the pilots and means I no longer have to crane my neck. Thanks again.
  2. Your my hero, just lost this file with the latest update..........I stupidly did not remember where I saved it. But a quick search of the forums answered my prayers. THANK YOU!!!!!
  3. I got the grey box that said DCS has crashed creating a report I think that's it below. Found in Logs file. I have SRS, DCS-BIOS and other files running in the export lua. I'll play with it later and see how it goes. Frustrating but challenging at the same time. Google is my friend. The guy on you tube "Hollywood" has loads of vids, but I find them a tadge difficult in following his setup. Thanks for your interest. dcs.log-20220428-114926.zip
  4. I bought it the other day, the whole package at 19 euros, rather regretting the purchase now because all it did was crash my DCS game every time I ran with It enabled! Removed the plugin and the game was fine.
  5. Hi, here are the ones I use, help yourself. DCS Aircraft Manufacturers.zip
  6. Regret I don't have Helios either, Find attached my export file for what its worth. Export.lua
  7. Yes sir, mine does. (Didn't need to be in Admin mode though for it to work initially, if it was the stream deck and DCS that was first opened in windows at bootup)
  8. Thanks a lot that was the solution, tick admin box. Many thanks!
  9. Hi This maybe of no relevance to your problems, but I find in order for my stream deck and DCS to communicate via the DCS Interface I have to first open the Stream Deck and DCS after initial boot of my computer. If I open the internet first then the two fail to communicate i.e. exclamation mark on the stream deck buttons. Though using system hotkey program keys are un affected. (hotkey etc.)
  10. I had the exact same problem. My fix was to lower my monitor resolution in windows display settings to 2k (2560 x 1440) and adjust the game resolution to the same (2560 x 1440). Now when I click the second screen all is well. Also the mouse clicks line up in the cockpit. If I alt enter to display full screen frames increase a little too. My old eyes do not seem to notice much difference in picture quality.
  11. Hello Charles, I tried a different switch see attached phots. Result for me was the same, switch did not operate. I'm not even sure the connection settings are correct either.
  12. Hi, thanks for the update. I think you may have missed my point slightly. The example of the fan button was to show that it works via the test web interface. My snag is that when selecting said DCS-Bios Button in the Stream Deck correctly set up the button does not work.
  13. That'll be worth waiting for! (Opinion based purely on your earlier outstanding work)
  14. Glad to have helped.
  15. In the Mission Editor find as in picture and drag to where you want it. Select to copy and paste using keyboard command ctrl c etc to paste duplicates
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