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  1. the plans for most of the pit are moving to Fusion 360, its very close to general release, so worth a wait
  2. Its very much 100% Open Hornet - I did actually start with the Dogfight boss pit - but then moved pretty much entirely to OH. The pit started as a bit of a quick and dirty, but then I disappeared down the rabbit hole
  3. Very good question. Funnily enough I've discovered I need to bring the stick closer towards the seat as I can't place the rear support rail across the pit. That may help a little - but I think there will end up be a 'please be careful' list when a newbie jumps into the pit
  4. Getting closer - finally mounted the stick
  5. Finally lit up the backlighting (both Max7219s and Pixel Leds) along with UFC and general indicators. A major thanks to the Open Hornet team for sharing the plans.
  6. very confident the answer is no - I'm using an Arduino Due for those tasks
  7. its getting a little closer - the Open Hornet project makes this so much easier - pretty much 12 months since it started to get serious
  8. Here you go Left_Console_Input_Controller.ino
  9. I'm using an Arduino to drive DCS BIOS - here's the steps I use 1: On switch toggle - send DCS status change of cover 2: Set a flag to activate in 200mS or so 3:Let the Arduino do its many loops 4: After the timer has been met send the DCS command to toggle the switch
  10. thanks - it feels like its getting close to being flyable!
  11. Ta - the throttle is a Wingwing
  12. Absolutely - Open Hornet makes building a pit so easy
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