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  1. I have no problem with F18 and the normal carrier take off quick mission, I just throttle to max, and the catapult does the rest, but it doesnt happen at the supercarrier mission, I guess if it is necessary to contact ground, tower, clearence, etc etc
  2. At my F18, wheels toe brakes are mapped to my CH Pro pedals as all my other aircraft, but although they seem to be working, they are almost innefective, both together and at diferential mode. Is strange as at all my other DCS aircraft brakes work OK. Is there something at the aircraft systems that prevented that ? Thanks
  3. I am aware that most single seated WW2 fighters had no AP, but the game offers two options, simulator and game, so within the second option it can perfectly be simulated as all the other non realistic functions it has
  4. Is there an option for some kind of autopilot or level flight function for WW2 fighters.- It should be useful at long range flights
  5. jorgesoo

    Sound modding

    Before the 256 update I had my aircraft music theme replaced by one I liked better.- After 256, that custom music dissapeared an now I cannot fix it. I tried replacing the "....DCS World\Mods\aircraft\SpitfireLFMkIX\Sounds\EditorMusic\MainMenuLoop.ogg" with my own music, which worked before, but it doesnt work now. Advices welcome Thanks
  6. Tried Alt enter, and no way Besides, there is no diference betweeen full screen checked or not , the screen looks the same.
  7. It happened to me until I found that in my NVidia Panel, at the resolution changing page, something as dynamic range output, was set as limited, I selected complete, and I had a dramatic change in color brightness and quality
  8. I am curious about why Alt/Tab sometimes works, allowing to change to other apps, and sometimes dont, In all cases, there are no changes at the configuration either at the sim or windows, I am running Win 7 64, at full screen
  9. I am new at DCS and have a problem with user campaigns I downloaded. Some of them needs extra files to be downloaded separately.- Several are explained and detailed with the correspondant link, but some dont.- For example a misión like Le Havre bomb escort for P51 needs: B24J, U Boat, Bismark, Cadarth Fletcher all by Markindel, other asks for DC3, P47,etc, which I dont know where to download from. Help shall be welcome Thanks
  10. Thanks That did it, I didnt realice that you can map at the TIR software a joystick button besides keystrokes. So I mapped at TIR joy3 button which is the same that at DCS centers the cabin wiew so they not interfere which some other DCS function already mapped Although I am conscious that I can map at TIR a button which has no function at DCS
  11. I have F11 already mapped at TIR to center fuction, I want it to be mapped to a button at my TM Cougar joystick, but without changing my TM profile Thanks
  12. I cannot find a way to map my Track IR centre function (F11) to a button at my stick.- Want to do it within the DCS controls panel as I dont want to touch my actual Thrustmaster Hotas Cougar profile Please need help Thanks
  13. jorgesoo

    Sound modding

    How to add music themes How can I posible add my own music theme ? Thanks
  14. I never experienced at real life flying that spongy or pendulum control efects I notice at DCS real mode. Of course I never flew a Spit, but there should be not a great diference with other one seat, low winged monoplanes ,
  15. No yaw tendency, as far as rudder is aplied correctly- The problem in my case is the woobly or spongy controls response when at real mode. May be my stick (TM Cougar) is prone to that, but it doesnt happens with other sims, and doesnt happens also when flying in game mode
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