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  1. Sure, let me submit again to Microsoft. In any case, you can always download the source code from Github and compile yourself. I have no means of preventing Windows Defender as marking anything as a trojan beyond submitting the file to them.
  2. Released new version - 3.2.0 https://github.com/the-paid-actor/dcs-dtc/releases/tag/3.2.0 New features You can now select granularly which parts of the DTC are uploaded to the jet. Besides every item in every page there is a checkbox that, once selected, will mark that item to be sent to the jet. These selections are saved in the presets. Credits to @supahfly27. Global shortcut for uploading to jet (useful for VR users): On dcs-settings.json, there is a new setting named "UploadHotKey" by default set to RCtrl+Backspace. Valid values for the UploadHotKey setting: Up to three modifiers (LCtrl, RCtrl, LAlt, RAlt, LShift, RShift) plus a key from the Keys enumeration of Windows Forms (https://docs.microsoft.com/pt-br/dotnet/api/system.windows.forms.keys?view=windowsdesktop-6.0). For example, Right Control + Right Alt + Backspace should be "RCtrl+RAlt+Back". The hotkey is enabled only when Upload to Jet page of a preset is open. Updated airbases.json to include new airfields on Syria - Credits to FireNLD from ED Forums.
  3. How would you be able to guide using radar alone against, lets say, a BTR in the middle of a dense city, with all sorts of obstacles and clutter. Will the radar be able to precisely guide in that situation? We will only know when its implemented. But I am pretty sure the radar is not magic.
  4. No but you can already save files and send those files to other people. All they have to do is use the app to open the files and upload to the jet. Or, you can use the copy to clibpoard function and send to them... no files needed. I dont know how to get more easier than this. Last time I checked there was not a reliable way to enter these via lua scripting. You have to be on specific modes to be able to input that kind of data, and its not easy to erase/redo if you apply a second time. Remember this is a hack, honestly I am amazed I've been able to do all of this with the little that its possible in terms of lua scripting. Will look into it.
  5. Let me break news to you. Things take effort and time to be built.
  6. Can you PM me any details, like screenshots of the error or something? @Floydii Suggestions noted
  7. Uploaded a new version: https://github.com/the-paid-actor/dcs-dtc/releases/tag/3.1.0 If this is your first time downloading it, check github frontpage for installation instructions. New features Added Bullseye waypoint number All settings on Upload page now are saved to the preset Added Minimize button to the main screen Bugfixes Fixed error uploading CMS settings to the jet (Note - I already submitted the file to MS for whitelisting on Windows Defender. I am suspicious that, just because its a zip downloaded from a website, Windows is being extra-suspicious of it. Therefore you can try, after downloading the zip, right-click Properties and then mark Unblock and OK.)
  8. Well thats 100% intented actually. Things only work if you are in NAV mode. You see that I am checking there on the DED mode page if you are in either AA or AG mode, if yes, then I abort the process and nothing will happen. So you know what to do - just be in NAV mode.
  9. Found the bug, thanks. I can't set to NAV because there is no NAV button on the F-16. You go to NAV by exiting other master modes. However one thing I do is check that if you are not in NAV mode, nothing gets applied for the MFDs. At least its how its working on my computer. Can you submit a video?
  10. Haha thanks! Will look into VIP and VRP for sure. I can only configure things that are available in the cockpit. There are some CMDS settings that can only be done by editing the sim files, like DICE does. So if you care about that, its no problem, you can use both alongside, just dont apply CMS settings from DTC.
  11. Should be good to go. Make sure you update your Windows Defender definitions.
  12. PM or Discord (The_Paid_Actor#1368) Its weird how it works... First time I download from Github and it works fine, then I think someone downloads it and Defender flags it, get its signature sent to Microsoft so then next time I try again to download it mine also flags But I have some ideas on how to make the distribution process smoother.
  13. I submitted to Microsoft so they can analyze it and whitelist it, maybe take a day or so. I'll message you once its done.
  14. Released new version - 3.0.0 https://github.com/the-paid-actor/dcs-dtc/releases/tag/3.0.0 New features Added airbases coordinates for all maps. Courtesy of fellow simmer FireNLD. Added Misc page, allowing configuration of: Fuel Bingo alert Enable Bullseye Altitude floor alerts TGP laser and laser tracker codes TACAN channel and band ILS frequency and course Added HTS configuration page You can enable / disable the predefined classes by selecting which emitters you want to scan for. The app will choose the classes based on the emitters you select. Ability to edit the manual HTS table emitter list Added HARM configuration page Ability to edit the three configurable HARM tables Changed CMS page Added 6th program Added Bingo for chaff and flare Bugfixes Reverted command delay to 200ms Fix Load / Save page functionality Important Make sure you update the DCSDTC.lua file in the Scripts folder inside Saved Games.
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