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  1. Something like this would be useful for Live-Fire servers where people can spawn the suckers to have people engage and shoot-down under more controlled conditions. My unit has a live-fire server with this exact purpose in mind. Having something to represent a cruise missile or anti-ship missile would be nice training for people looking to practice intercepting the things.
  2. Funny enough, the Community A-4 proved that this could be done with an aircraft by adding a 'buddy tank' to the aircraft. Obviously for something as tiny as an A-4 it's completely impractical, but it should be possible, at least in theory, to have an aircraft take on the role of a tanker, even when it's not one normally (like the S-3). From what I understand, the new S-3 is likely going to be the test bed for that, but we'll see when it's finally pushed out. As for the rest, it should be a fairly simple thing to handle for DCS. When you call the tanker, the type of aircraft you're flying should automatically be transmitted to the tanker when you're approaching it. So for example, the call should go something like this (this assumes either a KC-135MPRS or KC-10): "Texaco 1-1, this is Victory 1-1, you've got two thirsty Tomcats (two Tomcats in the flight, both under 25% fuel). Over" "Victory 1-1, this is Texaco 1-1. Copy, two Tomcats. Current heading is 230, Speed is 270, Altitude 23,000. Call when you have Tanker in sight. Over." When you get close to the tanker. "Texaco 1-1, this is Victory 1-1, Tanker in sight." "Victory 1-1, this is Texaco 1-1. Confirm visual. Extending Drogue. Confirm ready pre-contact." When you're in position, ready to make contact "Victory 1-1, ready pre-contact." "Confirm. Clear Contact" "Contact." "Confirm. You're taking fuel." Now if you're a Boom refueling aircraft coming into this, you'd have: "Texaco 1-1, this is Viper 1-1. Flight of four Vipers inbound. Over." "Viper 1-1, this is Texaco 1-1. Copy, four Vipers. Current Heading is 050, Speed is 270, Altitude 23,000. Call when you have Tanker in sight. Over." "Texaco 1-1, this is Viper 1-1, Tanker in sight." "Viper 1-1, this is Texaco 1-1. Confirm Visual. Take up port holding area until Tomcats are clear." When the Tomcats clear out "Viper 1-1, this is Texaco 1-1, Tomcats clear, lowering boom. Proceed to pre-contact." Yeah I went a little overboard here... but I do see that as a viable overhaul, especially if we get some visual aids like the Meatball that pops up when making carrier landings.
  3. I mentioned that in my bit, making the option available to mission editors. Most servers will likely keep it off for the reason you stated, but other MDs might come up with a scenario where the added capability was somehow needed, and deployed aircraft are given the equipment necessary.
  4. Hornet as well. And teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeechnically the F-14.... since the a Tomcat was used to test the AMRAAM. As for how to implement it... I'd just make it an option in the ME. The equipment was made, but never installed on operational Tomcats since it was decided that A: the Phoenix was still viable at the time, and B: the Hornet was better suited anyway. As for why it should be an option... well... it's simple: While historically there was never a situation where the upgrades were needed, that's not to say that things could go differently for various reasons than they did historically. The scenarios are numerous, and I'm sure some mission creators could come up with some viable scenarios.
  5. Isn't there also a process that can achieve the same results, but by using a bunch of photos of the aircraft from various angles? I heard that Cuban Ace used something similar to help him with the Su57
  6. Potentially yeah, but how you create the scenario is up to you, but it's certainly not impossible to figure something like that out.
  7. Channel/Normandy technically fit that time frame if you want to do some alternate history and have the Cold War go hot in the 50's
  8. The F-86 didn't leave service until 1994, so there's still scenarios where it could be present in a conflict, even if it's on the receiving end of a curb-stomp. And other than the USAF (the first user), and Bolivia (the last), the F-86 was used by.... well.... A lot of countries.... and oh look.... all of the maps in DCS are on this map!
  9. Are you talking about the lines that appear next to the contact in the F-16 and F-18 when you have a radar lock and guns selected, then, yeah, we have that already. Not every plane in the world has that kind of capability.
  10. That's for the animated deck crew, I was talking about the statics that you can place down and use on Non SCM carriers to add some more flavor to the deck
  11. Now, before people start reaching for their pitchforks, hear me out... The idea here, is to make the deck crew feel a bit more 'alive'. Basically, as we all know, humans are... well.... human. We don't do things exactly the same way with every action we take. For example, how often do you do something as mundane as opening your fridge the exact same way? Now you can see my point right? So, what are some examples for DCS? Well, one example would be the way the crew handles a launch. Such as the following: The 'Shooter' doing a 'gun firing' motion with his hand when he gives the launch signal. Some of the crew giving each other high-fives when the plane launches (you won't see it, but who ever is behind you will) The greenie that hooks you up trying (and sometimes failing) to 'combat roll' to pick up the hold-back bar. (this would be rare though) The whole crew reacting to the ship when it makes a sharp turn (such as bracing themselves, or leaning against the ship as it turns like it was nothing) Another rare one would be a white-shirt holding a hot-dog spike (complete with hotdog) to your engines when you go to full power (Meant as a Hot Shots! reference) For landing, you could have the crew on the waist getting hammy as well, such as: Celebrating a good landing (think the one yellow in the Top Gun intro) If you're all over the place, the crew on the waist cats scramble for cover (like... ya know... they would do in such a situation) What do you guys think? Could you think of some amusing animations that could be added to the deck crew? Also, while I'm at it... could we have an option to have some static 'kneeling' deck crew? It's kinda immersion breaking when they're just standing there with your wing about to plow through them.
  12. Alright, so, for a 3rd party deciding to do this, time wouldn't be that much of a factor, and money could be raised through crowd funding (If ED allows that).... That being said, what would be the latest Block/Lot that could be done with minimal issues? If it were up to me, I'd be shooting for the 2003-2005 era (same as the RB F-15E). Could a mid-2000s Super Hornet be accessed for laser scanning? And, realistically speaking, is laser scanning absolutely necessary for the making of a module?
  13. So... what ultimately stops any third-party devs from making a Super Hornet?
  14. So, while putting a mission together, and setting up the set dressing for our carrier, I noticed that some of the Static Deck Crew from the SCM might fit into more scenarios, if they were made into actual AI units. Take for example one of the LSOs (LSO 6 I think), is just a guy in flight gear. Personally, I think it'd be nice if this static was given a rig and set of animations, made into an unarmed unit, and then we can have situations where we actually have a downed pilot to search for and rescue. Noting that, I also thought that some of the statics would also make good unarmed AI units. Some of the tractors for example, you could see them being driven around bases. Some of the other deck crew could also be made into AI units with a little reskinning, such as the White Shirts. Give them a red cross on the shirt, and suddenly you have SAR guys that could be running through an earthquake zone. At the same time, there's some statics I'd like to see added properly. One such example would be some munitions karts. Why these? Again, it adds some set dressing to see some weapons that have been per-positioned to be loaded onto an aircraft. And before anyone gripes about it not being realistic... just remember that if any ordinance were to explode on a carrier, having it blow up on the flight deck at the very least means you still have a carrier. Any of it going off in the magazines would mean the carrier ceases to exist. Although with that said, there don't have to be very many such karts made, one for Sidewinders/R60s, one for Sparrows/AMRAAMs/R27s, and maybe one for some Mk82s or GBU38s. What do you guys think?
  15. I don't know of any off hand, but, my group does use the PPS for some 'Game Master' Slots, that way people don't jump into slots they aren't supposed to, and have access to things they aren't supposed to.
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