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  1. Hi, I was wondering if someone can tell me what are the best views for watching an enemy ground target after I've released a bomb or missile? Ideally a view where it is just focussed on the target that the bomb is heading towards or one where it is following the bomb. I found one but it is so shakey and disappears as soon as the target is hit. Thanks for your advice!
  2. Hi, I have a DIY trackhat and I noticed in YouTube vids when people look around they can see the HUD wherever they look. For me, this does not occur. Is there a button I need to press or something to make this feature work? Thanks
  3. Thanks heaps for the advice! I will do the switch. I had the 735il, it was a very nice straight 6, loved it. Had an e38 with the 4.4L v8 after and although the v8 power was great, never liked it as much as the e32. Unfortunately I never had the pleasure of experiencing the V12. I should have got one when they were a few grand. They are classics here now, impossible to find.
  4. Hi, I've been interested in switching to standalone for some time now. Sorry I know this topic has been covered many times but couldn't find specific answers that I'm after. Just have a couple of questions. My main motivation is so DCS gets all my money, also in Australia the modules ATM are waaay cheaper on standalone. F14 is $84AUD on DCS compared to $130AUD on steam. 1. I mainly use DCS to create a server and play with just my cousin, missions that we've created. I have steam and he has standalone. I am in Australia and he is in France usually with a ping of about 300. This is the only game where a ping of this high doesn't seem to really matter (we mostly do coop). My server never automatically kicks him for high ping. If I change to standalone is there any chance that there are any limitations to ping when creating a server for the type of server I run? 2. Is it possible for all my settings and keyboard and joystick bindings to be transferred across? 3. I assume all my modules will be transferred across, is this the case? 4. I remember reading a detailed guide from DCS on how to transfer to standalone, can anyone link the guide? If anyone can provide any answers that would be greatly appreciated especially to question 1 Thanks, Kind regards, e32lover
  5. Tosmonaute nice thread hijack! Hope you get your issues solved . I will crank my preload radius up and attach my crash log. I'm pretty sure I noticed that with a lower preload radius the stuff in the distance like trees on the ground didn't look as detailed bit this is just a hunch.
  6. I just downloaded and installed it, first it didn't work when I installed it in steamapps/DCS etc but when I installed it in username/savedgames/DCS/mods/aircraft or whatever, it works fine. (Steam user) It is actually quite nice! Pleasantly surprised. Don't expect the same level of refinement as the Huey or ka50 but it is a nice change. I'll be interested to see how it develops. Are there any other good free mods? If so, where could I find them. The only free mods I've installed from 3rd parties have been missions but now I much prefer making my own since I figured out how to use the mission creator. Good luck! And thanks for the free Blackhawk whoever made it!
  7. Hi, Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section or breaking any rules. My friend just told me there is a new free DCS Blackhawk. I couldn't find any info on it until I stumbled across this Skyward website where they do claim to have a free Blackhawk available for download for DCS which I have downloaded. What is this? I went to the steam store page and couldn't find it there. Is this just some crappy mod that some guys made or is it a proper aircraft? Can't decide if I should risk installing it or not. All my other thousands of dollars of mods have come straight from the DCS steam store and I want to keep my DCS as pure as possible (I remember messing up my MS Flightsim 2000 back in the day pretty bad with after market mods) Is this a legit mod or should I avoid it? Thanks for your advice. Please move to correct forum if this is the wrong one.
  8. Hi Ramsay Thank you so much for your advice, I owe you big time. Fingers crossed that has fixed the problem. I have spent a few hours playing the Syria map all sorts of missions and not a single crash. I set the windows page file to 32768 and I reduced the preload radius to 60,000. I have 32gb ram. My next question is what hardware changes are necessary to put the pre load radius back to max? At present I have nothing overclocked, i7 6700k, 32gb Corsair vengeance 2400, 3090 and a 1tb cheap samsung sata SSD. Thanks again for your generous help. I play so much DCS that being able to play the Syria map has really made a big difference to my quality of life no joke.
  9. Hi, I'm running Steam DCS, I have a 3090 but the rest of my system's quite old, i7 6700k and all my other gear apart from the gfx card is from that 2016 period. The only thing I've changed is I got a new 1300w PSU as my old one died. I'd say 80 percent of the time it won't even load the Syria map, and then if it does load it, it will crash within less than a minute. It never crashes on any other maps. The funny thing is there are a few quick missions where it loads up fine, and it runs beautifully, but most don't work, and my PC crashes within minutes or during loading. I have all settings pretty much on max on 3440x1440 and as mentioned, all other maps run fine and if I do get lucky and successfully load up a Syria map it runs perfectly fine but that hardly ever happens. I noticed the 3090 is getting up to 79 degrees, not sure if this is normal. My CPU is all within healthy parameters so not sure what else it could be. Could it just be that my CPU is too weak, or my SSD is too old? Thanks for your advice.
  10. Convoy escort would be great, with maybe an ambush along the way with some shoulder launched AA weapons
  11. Hi, I recently upgraded from using Smoothtrack on my phone to FacetrackNoIR with a PS Eye camera, and wow, it is vastly superior. Except for one problem, FacetrackNoIR will periodically "freeze". Usually I can get it going again by pressing the 'stop' and 'start' button repeatadly and just waiting for a while, and eventually it will come back on. Sometimes this method won't work, and I just have to wait ages, like after 10 minutes it might "unfreeze". Has anyone got any suggestions on how I could solve this issue? Thanks
  12. It would be the ultimate version of Desert Combat
  13. Hi, I am a bit of an amateur, I have been playing with the Kh25s, and my first one always hits the target, but the 2nd one I fire ALWAYS misses, usually it just falls early but it seems to have no guidance at all. Im sure I am just missing something simple, if someone can advise me what I'm doing wrong that would be great. Thanks
  14. Hi, I have been enjoying the Black Shark. I only play DCS single player, and utilise a nice 5.1 channel surround system. It is all setup correctly and with all other aircraft the sound is great but with the Black Shark, when I am pulling high G manoeuvres, the volume will go completely quiet out of some of my speakers and all I'll here is the rotors at certain times. It is sort of hard to explain but there is some issue I am having with the surround sound. Is there any known fix for this, or alternatively a downloadable alternative sound pack for the Black Shark that I could try? Thanks for your advice.
  15. I just had a look and it does look good, much more affordable than the Track Hat Plus. The only issue is that I don't wear a headset. Is there any way to utilise the Delan clip with a hat? Like maybe attach it to a hat? Also in regards to the PS3 Cam, what sort of modifications are done to it? I had a look at the Track Hat Plus shop, and they don't have any cameras, just the hat. Can you buy just the modded cameras somewhere to go with the Track Hat Plus?
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