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  1. Good job with this step so far (yet let's not take this as a way to ignore the bug, let's hope ED fixes it) and with a video proof, which is always undeniable! Good day!
  2. This only happens with Huey..., better report to Belsmitek! I've tested too that i couldn't go underneath any bridge with Huey:P, but i've just got tired to report any of these anymore! So, try to fly under the same bridge with other aircrafts, see if the same happnes! Let's hope it stays beta until completely fixed!
  3. You got the point..., this started happening since 1.2.2 (the most stable and graphically performant version, since 1.2.0, with almost double in game FPS than later versions)! After 1.2.2, bugs and all kinds of stuff (CTD issues also) were much more than the fixes! But let's hope they won't continue so on..., otherwise the future won't look nice!
  4. Lol, as long as it's wrong, isn't it?:P
  5. Now you can be a Eurofighter fanboy also, because it's the same or just slightly better than the Raptor in a 360 deg. turn, but bleeds a lot more airspeed as well, which is a negative fact! I think i gave you all the answers needed in that post, but it seems you just say whatever you like! I've already told about the canards role (for EF), the comparison between the F-22's and EF's turning capability can be seen at live airshows by just using a chronometer (where indeed the difference is small between EF and F-22 for a constant turn rate), T/W and T/D ratios, physical facts that don't need any further proof! Here are some good comparisons (so far): Between 4:24 and 4:44 the Eurofighter completed the 360 deg turn, with quite good turn speed entry (more than 300kts anyway) Here's a GR4, which did it better than the first one (probably a higher entry speed), 360 deg. in 17 seconds (almost as good as an F-16C), that fuel tank is only to impress idiots, cause it's empty for airshows: And now the Raptor: 360 deg. turn in about 19..20 seconds Now the fishhook turn for which the F-22 is king above all known modern fighters: almost 180 deg. in 4.5 seconds? Guess again! Even if i might not know as much as you, in details, about each plane's full capabilities, these real and visual facts prove enough!
  6. Something more to know about PAK-FA's enhances! I didn't read much about it indeed!
  7. You're right..., it's not necessarily a proof for who doesn't know!
  8. SA-13 Gopher, similar to SA-9 (similar by the name STRELA10 (SA-13) and STRELA 9 (SA-9)), are using IR tracking to lock up a target (have no radar), and that's why the hot exhaust from a missile (Aim-7 as you took for example) can be locked, or from any other jet engined aircraft, while the much cooler exhaust from the P-51 and normally smaller (not TU-95 or something big with many prop engines) propeller engined planes, can't be easily locked with IR, although it is possible only when the P-51's engine exhaust gases reach a high enough temperature (if implemented in DCS) and so the IR tracking system can see it better, or if it's close enough to do so (who knows, maybe it will get a lock on the P-51, when it's less than 1km away). This thing, with having a higher infra red signature if the exhaust gases from the engines are hotter, and lower signature when the exhaust temp drops, would be a unique and very necessary feature to simulate in DCS..., if this has to be a modern combat simulator, especially when simulating dogfights (yet not only) with infra red missiles in FC3, or when an infra-red (IR) SAM fires a missile at you, being much more able to escape that missile by throttling to idle and popping a burst of flares to break the IR tracking, but who knows, maybe it's been implemented, or let's hope...! Good day!:thumbup:
  9. Good thing to know..., so no matter how many patriot radars for a SAM group, at least for this one we know that this happens (we don't know about the S-300 or other radars yet), all the radars will turn (with their 110 deg coverage) against the area where the highest threat target exists, but why are there only 2 or 3 turrets (when you have 7 or 8 in a group) for example, being pointed towards that target to attack it, having the rest of the turrets in their normal position (not attacking)? So is there a priority rule for the turrets too? Have a good day!;)
  10. Ok, thanks for the reply Eddie! So this wasn't done "without thinking", and there's something wrong with how it reacts in the game. Appreciate that! Have a good day!
  11. Hi, As many of us have been flying the F-15C (since Lock On showed up), we couldn't miss (since the effect was implemented) the movement of the air intake inlets, as the aircraft is transitioning through various Mach numbers (true airspeeds) as subsonic, transonic, supersonic, or varying the angle of attack (AoA) when we pull the stick during combat or doing sharp turns! These "variable geometry" inlets have two major roles, both of them beying played in order to have a "cleaner" airflow through them and further towards the first compressor stages..., otherwise any major disruption (very turbulent) in the airflow through the engine, can lead to engine stalls (partial compressor stage stalls or part of the blades) or much worse, to engine surges or backfires (all the compressor stages have stalled), which can easily lead to flameouts. The first and major reason for these inlets to drop down during flight, is to keep the airflow steady (as said before) and try to diminish it's turbulence as the aircraft's angle of attack (AoA), increases...! So simply..., and possibly proportional (depends on airspeed (compressibility problems)), should be the angle of the inlets dropping increase, according to the AoA! Overall, as the AoA increases (positively), so should the engine inlets drop accordingly..., but as we can see..., in our simulator, this thing happens directly opposite and wrong! It's annoying that things like these, as well as that with the newly introduced wingtip vortices (wingtip contrails), which look so nice and brilliant..., but again:P..., they're pointed downwards as the alpha (AoA) increases, once again, going in the wrong direction! Good Job!:thumbup: Here's a video (there are many) showing the right thing: Good day!:doh:
  12. Another problem would be that, the engine's noise would only be heard if the cargo doors, or left door is opened, otherwise the left and right windows being opened or close, make no difference in the noise volume heard inside, when the engines are running.
  13. Exactly as you've said...! If you request refuel, it won't allow you to rearm anymore, because there is a bug with the refueling sequence..., and this also blocks the rearming from taking place. On 2 posts ago, someone said: ..., which might be possible, but it seems to take forever to rearm again, once you've "dared" to ask for refuel!:doh: Now there are 2 other bugs regarding the answering from the ground crew, when you request something: The first one regards the fact that, when having the engines off (no noise), the ground crew won't hear you if you have the left and/or right window opened or cargo doors (left CTRL+ALT+C) opened..., but if you open the left door alone (left CTRL+SHIFT+C), they will hear you loud and clear. So the hearing of the ground crew for your requests, isn't implemented for the left/right windows or cargo doors, when they are opened too. The second bug is related to the ground crew not answering from the left ALT+' menu when there is noise (engines and rotor at full idle RPM), but they will answer you only if you get to the same refuel/rearm menu, through the left ALT+\ interphone menu, from there selecting F8 and then rearming! There are 2 ways to communicate with the ground crew through their specific airfield's frequency...: 1. Put the radio switch to "ICS" (instead of "RADIO"), so when you press right ALT+\ the menu will be for INTERPHONE; 2. Leave the radio switch in "RADIO" position, but turn on the LARYNGOPHONE (which overrides the radio and makes it become ICS (or something) for ground crew) Hope i was useful with these findings so far! Good day to everyone!
  14. Does it say, that being in generator mode or not, the APU can't turn the starting engine's turbine? I don't want to be mean..., but it can't be a bug why that happens, otherwise the switches are in the same position as for a normal startup! Good day!
  15. Good job with this MI-8 so far...! My expectations weren't so great initially, due to some issues regarding the Huey's flight dynamics or whatever is wrong with it's flight transitions (sometimes it starts dropping towards the ground like a rocket, something similar to an abrupt blade stall..., known issue if it hasn't been worked out already) and it's apparently too strong ground effect..., otherwise Huey is a good product itself! Now after buying..., checking and testing the MI-8 to it's limits with no mercy..., i can say i've got my money down, on a masterpiece from the same author! The ground effect on the MI-8, which i believed to be similar to Huey's after seeing a short promo video, proved to be very realistic in the end..., it is noticeable indeed, and is quite similar to the KA-50's! In all the aspects that i could've test it so far, it went beyond my expectations..., and it's only a beta right now! Can't wait to see the whole project finished!:thumbup: Thank you very much for this product, Belsimtek..., and sorry for being so rough on my first thread about MI-8's flight dynamics overview, i went too quick for presumptions, without testing it first! Bood job!:thumbup: Have a nice day! Let the blades roll!:pilotfly:
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