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  1. The report only mentions 33 of the earliest aircraft in operation. This of course is still is not normal. Either it means there is something wrong with the funding, or that a new undisclosed aircraft is indeed being developed that will replace the type in the not too distant future. There was indication by the USAF in this direction last year, though they did not mention or connect that announcement with this one.
  2. It's not going to win any oscars, the plot will be dodgy, the piloting moves will be highly unprofessional but... ...release the thing already!
  3. There is interest in the heavy lift market, and to rebuild the aerospace sector in that country, especially in the current context of any deals with Russia being blocked on the west currently, Ukraine could still be a viable source of materials and aircraft after a few years of re-construction and renovation. I think Russia and Ukraine are the only viable sources for high grade titanium usable for hot section parts, and that would push new built aircraft along. This is a huge opportunity for Ukraine. I'm sure the whole world wants that market open again urgently, and is a no brainer to invest there.
  4. There's a video out there in youtube dating from the the first days showing a Su-25 pressing into attack despite being hit during the run. Tiny missile / flying tank. Still surreal to watch.
  5. yeah I saw the sad confirmation today
  6. There are reports its not confirmed about the status of this aircraft, the satellite pictures are not conclusive, infact the latest ones show the protruding tail from behind the hangar, and at least that part looks OK, the impact is at the front of the hangar with some damage to the roof, but again, the frontal part of the aircraft is not visible. At least its still standing up on its wheels. The most important part is that I wish everyone is OK.
  7. yes, there's a semiconductor supply issue which was aggravated by the mining situation, but neither can last forever. Also the cough-cough seems to be not so scary anymore so I expect supply to gradually improve at the same time as we move into a crypto bear market next year.
  8. Crypto currencies will run amuck for the rest of this year, and so will the demand for the GPU's. Youll better off waiting for next year for the new generation which will be a huge leap in performance.
  9. Just letting my own impressions here: This aircraft, T-75 is not comparable to the F-35, it's a lighter jet of the Gripen size. I believe the swedes want to develop something in this class themselves, until then this Russian plane remains unique. I think its smart because a jet of this weight class in the 5th gen doesn't exist yet and fills a fighter gap for the export market. I see alot of the former Mig-21 variants operators getting this one in Asia, Balkans and Africa. Its capabilities seem pretty basic, again, not really comparable to F-35. From the pictures published so far the internal loadout of the T-75 is proportional to its smaller dimensions. The F-35 can fly in smaller numbers per mission because they can carry more and bigger sticks for AA and AG internally, and have more capable array of sensors (the specs intended for the T75s sensors sound modern but pretty basic that current jets already feature for years). I see the checkmate (someone has to come up with a better name for the final product) comparing to other 5th gen jets same way the F-7 Airguard was to the F-18A.
  10. not enough memory on the 3080. 10GB on this day and age is unacceptable. Personally I would go with a 6800X this time around.
  11. this version of the eagle deserves attention from the now resurrected MICROPROSE who would probably glad to make classified planes with "best guesses" https://www.microprose.com/
  12. yep, maybe 2 months out still but unless your GFX fried it would be worth the wait.
  13. ^^^^ that's why I also think F-35 replacing the A-10 along with all other aircraft was just a marketing punch line to get funds for the program, one that the grunt on the ground would rather wish people would forget. There were a few commentators that said good thing F-35 came along when the F-117 was retiring, and that's not an accidental comment. It fills the same role when doing the AG missions, except that's it cures the absence of AA capability on the Nighthawk.
  14. Just buy the 3090, don't bother with a new CPU, you won't notice a difference if your playing at or above 1440P anyway. You're brave to buy a new GFX now. I tried, the prices exceed the investment i made for my whole build.
  15. That's their prediction based on current demand trends. I am optimistic because I believe the pattern of demand will change completely by later this year, or spring/summer 2022 changing those trends significantly. People are very anxious to leave their homes, travel and go to restaurants as soon as group immunity is reached. US and UK will be going to reach this stage by summer , Several countries in Europe as well by Q3 (vaccine supply are already ramping up significantly, so much so my government doesn't know how to apply all the jabs we are getting in coming weeks) They will stop playing games at home and go out. That's when crypto will definitely crash, and adding to this effect will be the market flood of second hand cards from miners. I need a new card for the new 2.7 so I can start flying again. It's been a while
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