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  1. Just my 2c respectfully, none of the guys in my group, that I game with, saw this. @Eagle Dynamics, @BIGNEWY is there anyway, for future events, to put them out in your FB posts? We all see those, but again, out of 9 guys that I work with that are big DCS fans, none of us saw this and completely missed it. I saw a post by @Moltar on Discord with “fight for honor” in it, and I immediately ran to this tournaments section in the forums only to find that I was short by a couple of days. Respectfully requesting some better communication on these events….I don’t know about your other followers but a Facebook post on 3-d modeling of a a new Mi-24 pilot, is light years below the importance of a BFM tournament by Folds of Honor, to me respectfully.
  2. Load into KA-50, then I select the auto start, then the screen freezes, and when I back out via ctrl+alt+Del, I see a window had popped up for SRS approval to do something. 100% repeatable by other gamers on my server. if I keep SRS closed I’m able to game. heading to work, don’t have time for files/logs. Sorry.
  3. When are you planning the next one? I missed this one but now know where to look.
  4. I would say that’s going to be a different thread, and I disagree with you, respectfully. Hit me up PM for further on this topic if you want.
  5. 1) IDK, so I will take your word for it. If that’s the case, I hold my opinions on what I think about DCS/ED’s direction. But this is my wishlist item and I’ll hold to that. It’s up to ED to determine the choices. 2) If what you say is true, and that’s how much their market share is competitive PvP vs non, then their decisions on what to make are obvious and would be crazy to scrap projects. 3) EF. Let’s revisit this one when the EF rolls out….my prediction is ED will give it strengths and weaknesses for competitiveness to the previously mentioned western jets. Kinda like how the 15C doesn’t have datalink when we all know that’s a head scratcher. thanks for your post.
  6. I know ED is looking at a FF MIG-29. I will say this- I’m happy with that progress, but its variant will determine its market. An older MIG-29A will appeal to the “I just like to fly SP and do campaigns” group. (And yes, servers like the 1980s restrictions). But anything other than a little more updated competitive multirole, won’t really be appreciated in the competitive PvP market. So, for us in this group, we will skip it like other modules. Just my opinion.
  7. Let’s not kid ourselves, DCS is somewhere between ace combat and a mil sim. To say its one of either is completely wrong or just naive as to what sim-level accuracy is. Many of us want DCS to be as accurate as possible. But to be honest, 100% realism wouldn’t be fun for a large group out there, and therefore not sell that much. We have to accept a balance of realism and gameplay-ability. I will openly debate, publicly anyone who thinks any module is sim-level accuracy. And when I say sim, I mean the sim used to train the real deal…because that’s what a sim is. I will also debate my points about some levels of fantasy already existing in FF modules. When I flew the real deal, if I dropped my gear over 45^ Bank and/or over 2.5 Gs. THEY MALFUNCTIONED!!!!!! All that being said, what I implied in the first thread was an airplane that already exists in DCS minus one or two missile - the astra. And could be pieced together in what could be called the MiG-29K. yes, it wont be 100% realistic, but all its pieces already exist in the game minus a couple weapons. You win buddy
  8. Let’s not even touch G limits and over G. That in itself is “fantasy version”.
  9. Please don’t get upset. 1) I would get behind a FF SU-33. I never said I wouldn’t and if you read the first post it says “as an example”. I am on record asking ed for 33 to be FF. 2) lets take a simple gear limitation. Whoops, DCS didn’t put it in the “MIL SIM” with overwhelming documentation. Pick a plane, it isn’t modeled.
  10. I agree with a lot of that except the realism “sim”. Coming from the real thing, DCS is far from it. The actual path DCS takes is some higher degree of realism somewhere between arcade and 100% simulated. I’d say DCS falls somewhere in the 50-60% accuracy. At a minimum I can get behind an SU-33 Full fidelity.
  11. Much of what we play with is already assumptions. Thanks for your constructive contribution.
  12. If you think any full fidelity module in DCS is “accurate”, …well, I would disagree. Thanks. I could get on board with all of that. I do like the 1980s servers but I like the up dated stuff a bit better. Just preferences. Ultimately I think we agree the FF version is overdue.
  13. At a minimum I would accept the current SU-33 FC3 module to be upgraded to FF, and with its tested weapons. If anyone posting here thinks SU/MiG under representation in DCS is NOT an issue, then please skip my post, since we are at a complete impasse.
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