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  1. Ian Boys UK


    How do you switch to NVG's please? I can't find the command anywhere?
  2. This would be very useful
  3. (Disclaimer: I don't know for sure) It seems to me that the AT-11 Sniper shouldn't set off a missile warning in the Apache as it is essentially fired like a tank round and without the telltale launch plume.
  4. Please can we have that in the Hind too? It's crazy that a Huey can fly past and Petro never even mentions it.
  5. thanks i'll give it a try
  6. Does anyone know the right name for the livery folder for this bird please?
  7. What is the button for activating the NVGs please? I can't find it anywhere
  8. Easy to fly, hard to operate.
  9. Yep same. Both for pilot and CPG. Sometimes moves a bit but unreliable.
  10. I find it defaults to the Gunner MFDs even when I'm flying as the pilot
  11. I thought George was meant to be bottom right? I have him front and centre, right in the way of everything.
  12. Strange ending to Phone Booth tonight. Red held Beslan but Blue still won??
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