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  1. Make sure, the MAV page has sensor priority (diamond in the right upper corner) Undesignate now you're able to slew or cage/uncage the MAV
  2. Shouldn't the FLT page act as a mirror of the IHADSS?
  3. Steps to reproduce: obtain a stable hover and engage the position attitude hold mode in the [PLT] seat switch to [CPG] activate George panel set IAS to 40 Issue: Position attitude hold mode doesn't disengage, IAS in the IHADSS stays boxed Effect: It takes > 30 seconds until the AH-64D starts accelerating Solution: Position attitude hold mode should be disengaged when George is forced to accelerate Track: 01 CA AH-64D PositionAttitudeHold George.trk
  4. No problems here. Adding the points works fine for me. Make sure you've done a proper setup for your SHOW pages (T3).
  5. That also happened to me before. The first two points have been totally misaligned, because the INU alignment procedure hasn't been completed. Don't add the TSD points until INU alignment procedure has been completed. Watch this post how to check the INU alignment state: https://forum.dcs.world/topic/297651-how-long-is-the-inu-alignment-supposed-to-take/#comment-4937166
  6. When can we expect the working version of this mission? Can/are you allowed to upload here or do we have to wait for the next DCS update?
  7. You can force Steam to install DCS 2.5.6 (Stable): The second option is to transfer your DCS modules from Steam to the Standalone version (it's not possible to transfer from Standalone to Steam). For further details/restrictions see:
  8. Since this bug obviously isn't caused by the Apache, it should be moved out of the AH-64D forum. Syria Map/Bugs and Problems https://forum.dcs.world/forum/534-bugs-and-problems/ or DCS World 2.7/Bugs and Problems https://forum.dcs.world/forum/253-bugs-and-problems/ would fit better for this issue.
  9. Thanks @pokeraccio. Changing my two other F/A-18C flights in my ACLS test mission to F-16C resulted in my first successful ACLS recovery. Since all my previous attempts failed, I assumed I did something wrong.
  10. Your initial post contained the phrase so I've assumed, this was your announced "long version". Sorry for my misinterpretion. I've just tried to help solving your problem and I see no reason for such useless comments: So if you want to avoid wrong assumptions from other community members define your problem and goal clear.
  11. To fly the AH-64D without issues you shouldn't bind the axis commands/bindings "Cyclic Pitch" and "Cyclic Roll" simultaneously to your stick (which provides real axis inputs) and keyboard (which delivers only a on/off-state). That's the reason for the described input conflicts. If you wanna trim the AH-64D correctly (and as real as possible in DCS) you should use your stick to bring the Apache in the desired attitude and the binding for "Force Trim/Hold Mode Switch - R/Up", which "locks" the virtual stick in your current positon. ...and don't forget to clear your keyboard bindings from the section axis commands. In the "Special" options tab for the AH-64D you can change the settings for "CYCLIC TRIMMER MODE" and "PEDALS TRIMMER MODE" to your preferences. I'm happy with the settings "Central Trimmer Position Mode" and "Pedals without Springs and FFB". I fly with my TM HOTAS WARTHOG Stick@WarBRD Base and TM TFRP.
  12. Thanks for your support @Flappie. I've updated my nVidia drivers in the meantime from 512.15 to 512.59 and watched the track again right now within a fresh DCS session. I was able to reproduce the bug, but this time it didn't have such a massive impact as yesterday (origin of the track): the boxes appeared only for ~1 second, yesterday they filled about 95 % of the screen and were present until I changed the view from cockpit to external (F2). It's very sad that this issue exists. Due to the great visual effects I like to fly missions during dawn or dusk, but this bug appears exclusively in those time frames.
  13. Sadly the issue is still present in the current OB ( Setup: Syria, F/A-18C, SC (self made training mission for ACLS) Log: 01 dcs.log Track: 01 SY FA-18C GraphicsIssueDusk.trk In contrast to my previous observations the black boxes didn't disappear in the recorded flight by looking left/right within the cockpit view. Only switching to an external view resolved the problem. Hopefully ED is able to repoduce and fix this annoying issue someday...
  14. No. Each input device is configured separately. Mulitple devices can be used side by side. Just make sure that there are no conflicts - that counts especially for axis bindings.
  15. As it is titled "Unofficial Road to Completion" I'd say: no. You can find the official Hornet Features Roadmap here:
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