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  1. I can launch the game (DCS 2.0 Open Alpha) but when I select a mission and launch it arrives at about 80% mission loading then Windows tells me that the graphic driver stopped to work and it has been restored and DCS crashes. I tried also with all graphic settings at minimum and optional features off where available, same problem. Computer specs: Apple iMac 5K late 2015 Win 10 Enterprise v1511 i7-6700K 4.00GHz RAM 32 GB Radeon R9 m395x (4GB) DCS 2.0 Open Alpha Connected Devices: TrackIR 3 Saitek X52 Saitek Rudder Pedals CH Fighterstick Apple wired keyboard With DCS 1.5 beta I can play with high settings at 2560x1440 at about 70fps.
  2. oh that easy ? thank I will try immediately.
  3. I'm on a imak new 5K display and I can't go fullscreen with DCS 2.0 Alpha.. why ?
  4. how come? no server is working at the moment...
  5. I have BS1 and BS2 Upgrade. I already installed and activated bs1. The BS2 installer has just been downloaded from dcs website but I have this error message if I try to install it.
  6. I have a similar problem, I can't find BS in module manager for installing it, but if I login in dcs website is there in my buys list... any idea? I just need the installer, maybe you guys have a link ? The one available in teh website is not the latest
  7. I have my old skins and other mods for flaming cliff 2, what can I use (if possible) to install them in FC3-DCS World ? Thanks
  8. Stupid question, I can't find it in the command list... how to close the front doors ? (not gunners doors). Thanks
  9. What is it? how do I turn it off ? thanks
  10. I'm now using this fantastic playlist as background music.. Thanks midnight, I'll test this mission right now..
  11. c'mon guys we need some Viet F******G Nam scenery where we can fly this beauty... and we need a mp3 player onboard to play the stones while we fly... ok that's easy with a media player...
  12. I would like to modify an X52 with a longer cyclic tube and bolt it under my chair with the collective bolted on the side.., anyone did it before and want to share some ideas ? Thanks
  13. yes they are... file names correct, file size correct...
  14. I'm now trying the update directly from DCS Updater... (have to download again...) let's see
  15. I downloaded the installer but when i launch the installation it asks me for disk 1. What disk ? What's the problem ? Thanks
  16. I think the last time I installed BS1 is months months ago.. maybe more than a year..
  17. I sent an email requesting an activation cose weeks ago, then again and again.. never a reply. I opened a ticket (17842) few days ago, same story... I need a new serial for BS1 to be able to use my BS2 Update serial to install BS2 in DCS world. Are there other ways to have it ? Thanks
  18. guys I'm doing a clean install of latest DCS world ( and I bought time ago BS 2 upgrade. Do I need to install BS1 and then BS2 upgrade ? I tried to install BS2 full using BS2 upgrade serial but it's not accepted obviously. THanks for your help
  19. I'm making custom mission and saving them in mission folder but then I can't find them in it. Any idea why ?
  20. ok I installed again, with 32bit files too this time, without even uninstalling first, it just works and my controls are still assigned... very good, thanks
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