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  1. Hello all. I have DCS and have been flying F-18, F-16 and A-10 in VR. I fly all of them outside of/not using STEAM VR. I downloaded the free version of the DCS Marianas. Each time I try to fly the F-18 in the Marianas - in free flight, in VR, the program “studders” a lot to the point of, not working as it should. Can the F-18 be flown in the Marianas via VR or only in the beta/non-VR version. if it can be flown in VR, does it need to be flown in STEAM VR? Are there any ‘special” settings needed that I am a aware of? Is there a curtain way to start into the Marianas profile that is different from what I am doing with Caucus, Syria and other campaigns/maps? Thanks! X
  2. Thanks Speed, your experience is not what is happening when flying Marianas in VR or, flying Marianas in VR is not possible at this time?
  3. Hello, when I fly the F-18 in the Marianas, it is very stuttery/sluggish. Can the Marianas be used in VR? Thanks,
  4. No reason to see ground speed, was just wondering why it was not showing in the HUD. I will check the HSI. Thanks!
  5. When landing the F-18, taxi and coming to a complete stop, the speed on the left side of the HUD shows 48 or other speeds. How do I adjust the speed in the HUD to be accurate when taxiing, at a stop/no forward movement?
  6. I see write ups on the new Marianas. I downloaded the ZIP file of maps. I do not see where to download the flight module. Where would I go to get that? I guess it can only run in Beta...is that correct?
  7. Ok, picked up a 2TB NVMe. Had to pull the one that was in the computer and have it images to the new NVMe. Reinstalled it with DCS on it, plenty of room. Was able to download Syria. Works great. thanks a ton for the assistance.
  8. Great, thanks. I will let you know how it goes.
  9. Thanks Flappie, I will pick up an SSD today and see how that works. Will that answer the issue with the space for the download folder? Will I need to move that folder to the SSD along with the entire DCS package?
  10. Cool, let me give that a try. I guess I should have gotten another NVMe drive. Would that have been the preferred drive…..if so, I guess I would not have to move anything. Is that correct? I should be able to return this drive if that is the case. I will have to see if I have a dock for an additional NVMe
  11. Flappie, it is a Western Digital, 4TB, WD Black Performance Internal Hard Drive, HDD - 7200 RPM, SATA 6 Gb/s, 256 MB Cache, 3.5”.
  12. Thanks Flappie, Silverdevil and Warrazen.... So, I put in another hard drive - 4TB and it is formatted and i can see it under Local Disk C. So, now I am ready to download Syria to the computer. I tried, but because there is not enough room on the 'C" drive, I received the error message again. Flappie, I was able to find the download file, it is empty. How do I change the download location for DCS downloads to a file on my new hard drive? Thanks again in advance!
  13. Thanks guys, I will see what I can do to get more space on the drive. If nothing else, I will need to get an external hard drive.
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