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  1. This issue was reported internally a few months ago.
  2. Hi. I cannot test your mission since it needs the CIvilian airplanes mod.
  3. 100% reproducible bug. Many thanks for the video and log. Reported.
  4. OK then. Unzip your zip file, then attach the "dcs.log" file it contains.
  5. Hi. Please attach the most recent zip file from your "Saved Games/DCS.../Logs".
  6. Have you tried moving the camera around? As with the Force, there should be a bright side (where the sun hits) and a dark side. Here's what a Vulcan looks like on my rig with the latest OB:
  7. You should be able to attach it here. Maybe your attachments limit has been reached. Click on your profile picture on top of the present page, and click "My Attachments". You should be able to free some space up.
  8. I don't know much about the logbook, but I assume you would have the same issue wih all aircraft if the logbook.lua file was corrupted. Please attach the most recent .zip file you can find in your "Saved Games/DCS.../Logs" folder.
  9. Hi, this doens't look like a CTD, more like an eternal freeze (there's no final error message, and no panic exit). Since it happens only when you leave the game, it might be linked to your logbook.lua file. Does it happen with any aircraft and any SP mission/campaign or one in particular?
  10. I cannot reproduce your issue with current Open Beta. Please check your mods. Roxane.trk
  11. Hi Razorback. The first bug was reported earlier. Can you pleave provide short tracks (~ 5 minutes) showing the second bug and the third bug?
  12. Hi. Since you haven't attached your full dcs.log yet, I'm taking a wild guess here. However, your .crash log contains three different messages that often points to a RAM issue: 0x00000000002C32E9 (nvwgf2umx): NVENCODEAPI_Thunk + 0x1894A9 0x00000000000C569A (nvwgf2umx): (function-name not available) + 0x0 0x000000000045C585 (nvwgf2umx): NVDEV_Thunk + 0x16F1A5 Please try these steps: In your PC BIOS, ensure your XMP mode is not "Auto". Simply choose another XMP profile. If no XMP mode helps, disable it and retry DCS. Still crashing? Create a bootable MemTest86 device (USB drive or CD) : https://www.memtest86.com/download.htm Boot up the MemTest86 device on your PC. When the MemTest menu appears, press “S” key to start the memory test. If you get no error after a one-hour test, consider that your RAM is OK. Below is an example of a memory issue as seen in MemTest86. If an issue is found, shut down your PC, open it, and kindly remove the RAM sticks from their slots before re-seating them, then re-test your RAM (sometimes, all you need is static electricity from the sticks, and this is how it's done). Still crashing? You’ll probably have to replace the faulty RAM stick.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. Issue reported.
  14. Hello. I believe you have to follow these steps: Download the Open Beta standalone installer Run it, select destination folder (a new and empty folder) , and wait for the installer to start downloading the game. Interrupt the download and exit the installer. Now, copy-paste DCS files from Steam to the new destination folder. Run a DCS repair.
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