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  1. AvroLanc's post in What's RFI? was marked as the answer   
    No it doesn’t triangulate or provide a passive range at all. 
    It’s a more sensitive RWR. RFI can detect a higher frequency range than a RWR and is more likely to make the correct classification. It also provides a more accurate azimuth bearing than the RLWR. 
    When RFI is the ACQ source it slaves the sight to the detected bearing in azimuth and the local horizontal in elevation. You need take over and search visually, with TADS from there. 

    The cued search function slaves the FCR to the detected bearing and automatically starts a scan. I imagine that if an air defence vehicle target (FCR can classify these) is found along that azimuth it tries to correlate the two detections into one target symbol. 
    Bear in mind the FCR only has like a 8km max range, so this doesn’t turn the Apache into a SEAD machine or anything. 
  2. AvroLanc's post in Laser range to target for pilot (no tads video) was marked as the answer   
    You can't view the laser range except through the TADS video page.
    But, if you've stored the target as a CM or WP, you can set that as your ACQ Source and you'll get a NAV rage Nx.x in the HAD. It helps. Of course if you've stepped to front seat, you can lase and store a T point and use that for later for Nav range when you swap back to pilot.
  3. AvroLanc's post in How to select PNVS on IHADSS for Pilot was marked as the answer   
    OFF NORM FIXED switch, left knee, left sidewall 
  4. AvroLanc's post in HUD control altitude switch? was marked as the answer   
    The altitude switch on the HUD Control panel isn't implemented correctly yet. Which is why you don't see any difference currently.
  5. AvroLanc's post in Can anybody elaborate on the TADS MTT ? was marked as the answer   
    Multi Target Tracker. Allows you to get a contrast auto track (think point track in TGP terms) on a Primary target and up to 2 secondary targets within the TADs field of view. You can then quickly step between the tracked targets with a HOTAS command. 
    I don’t know whether any form of Image Auto Track will be present at Early Access? If not then we’ll be reliant on manual tracking/slewing which might get interesting with a moving target….. 
  6. AvroLanc's post in WPT O/S slewing sensors was marked as the answer   
    Once you’ve pressed WPDSG, the same option at PB 19 becomes O/S. Press this and you’ll designate the offset. 
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