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  1. Yeah, that's how it is at the moment. Pretty sure it's a BUG. The Hornet's rings behaved that way until corrected. Hard to believe it should work that way.
  2. Depends on the mode. In the most widely used GTM mode the scan is a 90 degree sector straight ahead (45 either side of centreline). The scan size can be narrowed and moved left and right within those limits. In ATM ('air to air') mode it's a 360 degree scan with a blanked off bit towards the tail.
  3. Can't grab a screenshot now but they are definitely in. Make sure SHOW>COORD 'Threats/Targets' selected. Make sure SHOW>THREATS 'Threats' selected.
  4. You need to make sure that you go to the SHOW>COORD subpage and select 'Threats/Targets'. The rings then appear. Note that this is pre-selected in the ATTACK phase. Note that this a different page than the SHOW>THREATS page, but it's a prerequisite of the threats being displayed on the TSD. Not entirely sure if that's 100% correct, but there is sound logic to it.
  5. With the latest (18th May) patch there's an error when making a TADs target store, and presumably a HMD store too.. The Target store identifier doesn't correctly show in the 'weapon inhibit field' (top of the TADS or HMD High action display)....it shows T01, T02 initially but then seems to rotate back to showing T02 or T03 constantly with every additional store. In addition the Target Store idents in the COORD page seem to increment by 2 each time....so T02, T04, T06 etc. These idents increment even though the 'weapon inhibit field' status shows T03 every time. This is probably related to the addition of the pre-planned threat rings feature. But it's messed up the target store procedure. Although the actual locations are correct and can still be slaved to, it's major source of confusion. In my track I removed all pre-planned SAM threats in the ME and I still get the bug. You get the bug with ME SAM threats as well though. TADS Target Store error.trk
  6. In previous OB versions the JDAM time of flight / time till impact timer worked by showing TTI in the TGP MFD, similar to LGBs. This no longer shows anything. It always shows 000.00 after dropping weapon. There was also a ZULU TOT (Time on Target) shown on the HUD when the range carrot was within the dynamic range bracket. This HUD time would show initially the zulu time when you'd reach the top of range bracket and then zulu time at impact when the aircraft current range was within the range bracket. In the last open beta this is a bit broken. The initial time prediction for top of range bracket is still shown, but the impact TOT and the TTI timer on the TGP page now show 000.00 when you get to within the dynamic LAR bracket. Please see short attached track. (Just a guess....but maybe the ongoing WIP regarding ICP CRUS mode time predictions is introducing a few bugs?) F16 JDAM TOF Bug.trk
  7. There is a bug here though. The A/C should show FLT page when in flight and ENG when on ground. It’s even described that way in ED’s EA guide, also in RL docs.
  8. Your half right. There’s LOBL and LOAL, and Autonomous (self) and Remote (third party) designation. You can have any combination of those 4. But there’s also 3 different LOAL trajectory DIR/LO/HI. LO and HI work different to DIR in the way it directs you to aim nose, via constraints box. Of these LO and HI would work best for third party designation, but don’t technically have to be. DIR would work best for autonomous LOAL, but again not in all cases etc etc. Many ways to skin a cat. Your comment about a scattered signal is partially correct, you’ll get a BACKSCATTER message and launching in LOAL DIR is one way to overcome it.
  9. OK, but there’s lots of variables at play here and lots to get pick apart. I’ve been using the Q, L, P codes etc with success. If your JTAC was illuminating properly and the missile was seeing the laser you should have got a PRI CHANNEL TRACK message and large LOBL box. If you didn’t then maybe you didn’t have LOS or there was an issue with the actual frequency not matching. Unless maybe you were intending to shoot LOAL and weren’t pointing the aircraft in the targets direction, so the missile never picked up the laser spot because of that? DIR is not LOBL. DIR is a LOAL trajectory that is a separate thing.
  10. You said you fired Hellfire with PRI Chan Q and your LRFD was on R? Well that’s the problem, if so. Or was it a JTAC illuminating with Q? Did you get a large solid LOBL box and PRI CHANNEL TRK before firing? Hellfire have PRI and ALT channel. At the moment the ALT chan serves absolutely no purpose, until we get the RIPPLE launch mode, at which point it will. (The system will only code and fire the PRI channel anyway, even with Ripple - it just swaps the PRI and ALT codes after the current PRI is launched.) George can only use DIR LOAL mode effectively at the moment. He will start lasing when he sees the LASE 1 TARGET message on the HAD. He can’t use LO or HI properly because you can’t instruct him to set an appropriate Acquisition Source from the pilot position yet.
  11. The G-Meter on the Flight Page only records min/max G ‘telltales’ values when on/viewing 'SET' sub-page. When viewing the normal FLIGHT PAGE the G-Meter (which itself is on SET subpage), does not record the G. When on/viewing the SET sub page, the G meter behaves as it should - recording G ‘telltales’ and being re-settable - otherwise no Max and Min G is recorded 'behind the scenes' by system. See track. Thanks. FLT PAGE SET G Reset Bug.trk
  12. ED's manual is very easy to use and has everything you need to know. Combined with the various vids out there, you've got everything. I not sure what Chuck's guide could add here. The Apache workflow can be very complicated, there's no way round that. Even using Chuck's excellent pictorial format, alot of the concepts will be difficult to explain there as well.
  13. LINK will slave TADS to FCR NTS (next target to shoot) target when FCR is sight, and will slave FCR centreline to TADS los when TADS is the sight.
  14. Even that logic isn’t the most reliable…. Unless it turns up on your hard drive one day in a Open Beta update, you never really know.
  15. The TOF uses the range value you have set when firing. If you’re doing a LOAL shot and maybe have a NAV Nx.x range set, and the target is not at the same range, then you might just get a big TOF difference. Smaller differences may be explained by temperature variation from the standard 15C. As in real life it appears that hotter outside temps will give shorter actual missile flight times and vice versa for colder temps. From my testing it appears ED have modelled this, but not the TOF calculation within the system to correct for it. Does the real Apache even correct for different temps? I don’t know.
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