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  1. Short story short, I was playing some DCS Liberation earlier today, wanted to plot a waypoint route to my target and back to base, and after creating the NSEQ, clicking route and switching waypoints my game has crashed. This happened multiple times no matter what I do. Haven't tested if this happens while playing in normal sp/mp. I've included the crash files, and a clip. The moment it crashed is when my cursor appears on screen https://youtu.be/Gqo2vTul3uo dcs.20210611-134247.crash dcs.20210611-134247.dmp dcs.20210611-134247.log dcs.20210611-134247.trk
  2. Hey, I have a problem with the current version of Liberation. Every time i buy a plane it just disappears but it eats up my money, anyone knows why?
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