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  1. Major FPS hogs are the Visib. Range (I have mine at Mid on 1080ti), Shadows past Mid (you're fine there), Terrain Object Shadows (I never went past Flat only) and MSAA. If I were you I would try to lower Visib. Range (Med) and Terrain Object Shadows (Flat Only), and completely disable MSAA in the Nvidia settings (Antialiasing - Setting), also drop Pixel Density to 100% for now. If that brings the frames up (should be >40fps) increase the PD to around 150% and only then start figuring out what of the others you can push higher.
  2. I've probably left my Oculus 0.73 mask size in there, double check the config file. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Here's IC pass version. I haven't tested it much tho. DCS VR Shaders 2.5.6 (ICpass).zip
  4. You know that feature of Dash where you can pin the overlay it will show in games and such? As soon as I switch to DCS from the Dash overlays disappear after a second in DCS. As a matter of fact every Oculus overlay is not showing, even debug ones (like performance stats). Is this something that is going to be fixed? I had a workflow where I pin the guides to the top of my canopy so I can reference them during the flight.
  5. Also I haven't been able to tell the difference when it comes to water reflections. Here's the screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/jd8LtRC.
  6. Your view angle is way too high. Metal has a rather small critical reflection angle, so it would only be visible when the surface is near 90 deg of angle to the viewport. Here's SSR enabled: You can see the light bouncing off the back on the bottom of the wing, illuminating it and reflecting formation light and "NAVY". Here's SSR disabled: You can see that the bottom of the wing is still approximately (not that SSR would not be an approximation as well) illuminated by the same reflected light, but the actual reflections are nowhere to be seen (compare it to this screenshot where viewport is lower and light is not reflected: https://i.imgur.com/FBWI8mI.png).
  7. I wonder if they call out incoming turns now. Speed was not the problem, sudden change of direction was.
  8. Only by editing source file. Search for "_gen_random_time" function in "gen/environmentgen.py". But be warned that times of the day will get shifted and you instead of mornings/evening missions you will start getting night missions. You can change the preset ranges in "theater/caucasus|nevada|persiangulf.py", look for "daytime_map". You need to restart the whole campaign for the changes to affect the game. At the beginning of the campaign planes from db.py will get distributed to all of the bases, and they will use their own stock without using the db.py.
  9. There's https://github.com/shdwp/dcs_liberation/wiki/Development-guide. Although I may have forgot a few dependencies along the way.
  10. Humm, where do you put the Kamovs exactly? 2x AI on Escort, but what about the last one? SEAD or Strike?
  11. New build fixes the "Value error" in map canvas (Save corruption bug). https://github.com/shdwp/dcs_liberation/releases/tag/1.5 (thanks @JohanAberg) Are you sure that you follow the correct procedure to get DCS to actually write debriefing in MP (https://github.com/shdwp/dcs_liberation/wiki/Manual#multiplayer)? It has to be done, otherwise debriefing will be empty. About the development, in general: I became sick of the ever decreasing VR performance, last half a year it was way too bad and finally I've completely given up on DCS, therefore mod had to be abandoned as well. I hope I'll find a couple of maintainers to rely on, since given EDs pace on fixing things I wouldn't expect VR to get better soon.
  12. New update: https://github.com/shdwp/dcs_liberation/releases Changelog: New Look and feel for overview map Events are displayed directly on the map Convoy strike event Added Tomcat Possibility to start events from any adjacent airbase or carriers Special AI-only SEAD flight for strikes New visibility and labels options Fixes in cargo planes flying to low Unit placement fixes
  13. What do you mean by that? Is this a question of general progression? If so than it is just that - progress over the map completing objectives.
  14. Btw ability to restart it will be included in the next version as well, thanks to Khopa.
  15. It seems that you didn't buy any aircraft to fly. You don't have to read 32 pages of the thread but you might want to read the manual.
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