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  1. BM-30 Smerch fire not properly! launcher is at top right corner of the map, but rockets shown in the center.
  2. The id is not above 1500, I also try something like loop to 10000, it did not work either.
  3. missionCommands.addCommandForGroup() function not working properly in dedicated version but work perfectly in client host server. Scenario: a mission with 1500 group while loop function add radio item to each of group (with a 5 min delay after server start) in client host server, everything is working properly. in dedicated server, group id after 1000 have no radio item. (end at a air-spawn JF-17) Is this a bug or something wrong with script?
  4. Hey, I am making a fiction jet which have ability to land and launch on carrier. However, I found out the jet can not land on any carrier, it basically went through the carrier. but it can spawn on it and move freely. Does this means I need a collision model for the mod?
  5. I am making a F-117 plane mod. however, in the control settings. It always show it is a su-25t. I can see my mod's input option is created and listed, but it does not use that input file it always use the SU-25T input profile. What can protentional causing this problem?
  6. Hey, I am currently making a mod plane based on FC3 but it has several turrets on it. But i couldn't find which argument number is for moving the turrets? Can someone help plze?
  7. I already set their skill to max. But they still kind of weak in BVR. is there a way to make them more challenging?
  8. Thx for the test, but in our case, we have E3A and only F14B able to see on datalink around 60nm. and if you ask AWACS, he will say clean in the area.
  9. F117 invincible, it can not be destroyed by anything when it spawn in air. but destroyable on ground. F14 datalink bug. while AWACS not finding F117 and other plane including f16 or f18 can not finding f117, but f117 is magically shown on f14 datalink
  10. Hi, is there a way to detect who trigger the radio commands(f10)?
  11. Thanks for reply, i solved it by export to OBJ then import in 3ds max again.
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