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  1. Hi, I really like the tool and it makes the whole process much easier. Thanks for developing this Some minor comments about 1.1.2: I see a lot of issues in the form "Unable to hash ...", even for liveries that optimized successfully on previous versions It would be nice to have a "reinstall all" option, just to make sure all liveries are correct if optimization fails The "list" command does not seem to respect a terminal size change. The plane name and id appear to be truncated even if the terminal is large enough. Similar issue, the id column is truncated if any livery name is too large (e.g "14th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 7th Photographic Reconnaissance Group, PA-982, RAF Chalgrove, England, 1945", id=3318761) making it difficult to find the id of a livery to uninstall. It might be useful to always show the id and truncate the name further.
  2. I managed to fix this by renaming the "Mods\campaigns\A-10C Iron Flag Part I\Liveries\A-10C_2" folder to "Mods\campaigns\A-10C Iron Flag Part I\Liveries\A-10CII"
  3. I am seeing the same issue in both mission 2 and 3 as well. Also, when looking at the Mission Editor for the campaign missions, I cannot see any special livery available either so it seems to default to the standard livery.
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