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  1. 2Tone

    Help please

    i have AV8B, F18 and P51
  2. 2Tone

    Help please

    hi My setup is AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor 3.60 GHz, 1TB HD, 32.0 GB RAM, RTX 3070 Graphics card, Oculus Quest 2 (256), x56 rhino hotas These are the issues I am experiencing when using DCS and wondered if anyone had advice. I downloaded the KEY Maps from CAPS Grimm Reapers and for most things they appeared to work fine after i loaded the profiles. However I could never get the thumbwheel on the throttle to keymap to zoom. I thought that the last update had caused some problems as keymaps worked on the ground but as soon as you got in the air the comms menu disappeared. Even if i mapped it again in flight to whatever key / hotas switch, so i went back and downloaded all the Key Maps again. Now when i try to load the profiles it will not find the desktop folder at all. I tried the JOYPRO tool but since the last update i dont understand how to use it I tried to manually map keys but it didnt work When flying, turning and pulling G i regularly go into a tail spin but it doesnt make sense as the enemy Aircraft seem to have limitless G and climbing speed I have tried to use Youtube guides but for some reason they never seem to work. My set up ensures all drivers are updated on start and i regularly repair DCS Loosing the will
  3. Sorted it thanks, Quest wasn't plugged into USB3.0
  4. Just done the latest update. also updated windows and my graphic card and now the sound is distorted to the point where you cant play. What am i doing wrong ? Definitely a DCS issue as I've just used the mouse to smash all the bottles at the top of this page and the sound was spot on
  5. anyone got as link to the App because i cant find it anywhere
  6. No it didnt, worked for a few hours then crashed and i gave up not been on it much recently
  7. Gents, just to give you an update i did everything in the hints and tips, did all that was advised on this thread and nothing Worked. I then bought another 16gb of RAM, fitted it and hey presto it all works fine. Have absolutely no idea what was wrong and why that fixed it
  8. I increased the Page as instructed (I think i did anyway) Still crasheddcs.log-20210526-162015.zipdcs.log-20210527-092609.zip
  9. dcs.20210522-165017.crashdcs.log-20210521-095031.zipdcs.log-20210522-162852.zipdcs.log-20210522-165017.zipdcs.log-20210525-104412.zipdcs.log-20210525-135426.zipdcs.log.olddebrief.logdcs.log-20210526-111427.zipdcs.log Ok gents I think i have done everything you told me too Still crashing, but it doesn't happen every time
  10. gents thanks for replying Everything in the computer is brand new, wouldn't know how to overclock your right i didn't change the page size because it asked me to log in as an administrator and I don't know how to do that and I forgot to ask I think the Failed authorisations are from when i did an update for the free week from Eagle and could try all the modules. kept forgetting my log in details i think
  11. So my Graphics card is ok ?dcs.log-20210520-150827.zip
  12. My graphics card is a NVIDIA GFORCE RTX 1070
  13. Sorry, Whats GTX 970 Ive updated the drivers and the page size as per the info in the thread
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