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  1. Hello, really great work on the campaign. However I have a issue in Mission 2. At the start of the mission before take off - the co pilot calls the tower to ask permission to take off. The tower the ask us to hold. Then the tower ask us to get ready for immidate take off. After that nothing is said any more. I have waited for 10 mintues and nothing. I tried flying the cargo and when I dropped it off the co pilot said to wait for Wolf 1. I checked to F2 cam and Wolf 1 was still at butami airport and had not taken off. Something is broken for me and I cannot get past the dialog that says get ready for immidate take off. I am on version 2,7 open beta. Anyone know something about this?
  2. Perhaps the fact that the 3090 has 24 gb ram memory vs 10 for the 3080 has an affect on the results. I have the 3080 aswell and will do some VR benchmarks this week. Will post back when done.
  3. Thank you for the update, I will have to try this. If the "chrashes" keep happening please update us so we know.
  4. Thanks, I will try launching my apps in different orders and see if that affects the issue.
  5. There is also the issue of the framerate dropping / screen tearing after some time in a mission in VR. I just experienced this again and it happened in the Syria map the same way twice. Events unfolding: Take of in Syria, fly up to flir bombing altidude (14.000-30.000 feet) stay there practising for about 30 min. On my way down to land the screen starts tearing and the head turning becomes janky. Stayed this way until I landed and logged out of the server. Same thing happened twice now. It could be connected with staying at high altitude for some time then as you get closer to the ground more assets are being rendered in and then it happens. Very strange since I can take off from the ground without any framerate or screen tearing issues. Perhaps it has something to do with VRAM after all, some issue with swapping assets in and out. Perhaps Level of Detail plays a role? Anyway love this game Cheers
  6. I will second this. The amount of units (AI) in the multiplayer server seems like it affects the possibility of this crash happening. With greater numbers meaning greater chance of it happening.
  7. I have a thrid party cable of good quality. I have tried reducing the resolution = lowering the bandwidth, and it does nothing. I do not think the cable is the problem. Thank you, to reproduce it this time I used the Swedish multiplayer server RedMed (you can find it if you search RedMed) and tried to go in to the F10 map. I have attached the Log. The bug happened at the start of the 10:40 mark, around 20 seconds after the kick out I was able to reconnect the headset to the computer and then I just had the black screen. I glanced at my flatscreen monitor, logged out of the server and quit the game. The real question is why does it happen when changing view? I have only had it in multiplayer servers IIRC. Most common culprit is the F10 press. Is it some windows thing that is happening? But then why only on view changes and specifically multiplayer servers? Could it be connected to the amount of units in the game? Could it be something with the netcode? Could it be connected with VRAM somehow? Perhaps if the 3080 had more the 10 GB VRAM it would not happen? But then again it should be fixable in DCS code... Many questions. Very intriguing. Best Regards dcs - kopia.log
  8. I have been fighting with this bug / issue for weeks now. It has gotten so bad that I am holding off buying the Viper that I would like to buy. I also made a bug post about it you can find it below. In the post I detail how I can reproduce it 100%. Very prominent in multiplayer servers with a lot of Units. Almost never in singel player. I have read this whole thread and it seems like @BIGNEWYhave not been able to reporduce it. I ask you to please read my post. Run quite abit of supersampling (in oculus link I use the max supersampling allowed to get the crispest picture), Use a Reverb G2 Or Quest 2 Headset. Make sure you do not have more then 11-12 gb of vram and a nvidia grahics card. This is a major issue for me and i would love for it to be resolved. Best Regards Loki
  9. I am having this issue alot right now with the Q2 and link. This really needs to be adressed. It is frustrating that we don't know if it is DCS or Oculus software that is the issue.
  10. Computer, 10700k, 3080, 32 gb ddr4 ram VR: Quest 2 via link, Standalone launched with DCS Updater Utility So this is about the F10 VR "crash". I write "crash" because it is not really a game crash per say. What happens is that you get kicked out of VR and the game continues to work in the background. For me on the Quest 2 it kicks me out to the home screen and then I can connect back to the PC but I cannot get back to the VR view in the game. The game is running in the background and I can glance at my flatscreen and control the game but my headset is black. Things I have done to try and resolve it: Repair / Reinstall DCS Remove OC from Ram and CPU, my GPU is standard as it arrived Here is my research around it: Very likely to happen in multiplayer servers Going the the F10 Map can cause the kickout Changing view (F2, looking at other airplanes etc) can cause the kickout Playing for a longer duration seems to increase the odds of the kickout happening I experience the game being more and more sluggish, when changing views, before the game kicks me out After a kickout, when I quit the game and restart it without rebooting, the kickout seems more likely, actually sometimes when I have restarted the game without reboot I have been kicked out on the very first F10 press right after I have spawned to the MP server After a clean reboot the kickout seems more unlikely to happen I have experienced playing on the Syria map without touching the F10 or changing views, after 50 mins of running fine, the game starts to stutter and become yanky. I then crashed the plane and after the plane crash, the game automatically switches viewport to another, and the VR kickout happens I can force the bug to happen by quickly chaning view (F10 press, wait until loaded, F2 press wait until everything loaded, change to look at another airplane, wait until loaded, etc etc, After about 10-20 viewchanges the game kicks me out of VR) This is after a fresh reboot and just 10 min in to playing on the server. I am part of a very active squadron and we are many VR players that experience this type of VR kickout. One time I flew a mission with another friend who was also in VR and it kicks us both out (not at the same time). We had to try to land the plane using the flatscreen without the ability to look around. Very challening on the carrier. I would love some reply from ED about this, can you reporduce this problem? Are you working on it? Such a shame an 11/10 game like this is marred with such a frustrating bug. Much love, your fan Loki
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