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  1. Colors tweaked, white spinner and black parts behind cockpit removed (will be added for the skin with the black paint all the way to the tail fin).

    I still need help with the logo of the 11th Air Group. May someone help me with a good reference?



  2. After creating a few P-51D / TF-51 liveries for Latin American countries (see this thread) I started to create liveries for the Thunderbolt as well. I'm currently reasearching for Cuba, Colombia, Chile and Venezuela but I have started with Chile.

    The following livery is work in progress. I have to tweak the roundel size and the squadron logo is not very good. Some colors also need tweaking.


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  3. Thanks for clarifying things out.

    First: When you don't need the alpha layer save the DDS file as DXT1.

    Second: Could you post a screenshot of your folder of this TigerMeet skin and your "description.lua" file so we all could cross-check your naming and skin definition?


  4. According your screenshot is has loaded a DDS file. The black fin with a white DC text on it.

    Could it be possible, that you saved your new DDS under a new name and haven't overwritten the old texture file?

  5. After three years I've updated the Peruvian Fulcrum and the new version is waiting for approval by ED.

    In the meantime, I started with the second Fulcrum of my Middle & South American Fulcrum skin pack: Cuban Air Force 1990.

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  6. Thanks for your kind words ☺️

    Rudel you know me well, I always have a weak spot and great interest for liveries of smaller Air Force‘s or countries.

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