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  1. After having hit both artilleries as well the ammunition warehouse at waypoint 6, I was told to contact Devil to report that the attack has been completed. I do get the "Attack complete" radio menu but when I select this entry, nothing happens any more. I also have tried to hit enter on the UFC (after selecting the Comms 1 radion frequency #2) but it seems that no more triggers will activate from this point onwards... Strange thing also is that I do get he same "Attack complete" entry on both Comms frequencies -> Other... (I thought I should only get this on Comms 1) Also it would be good if the "Mission 4 briefing pack" would indicate that I (callsign "Steep") am flying as "Devil 1-2" with "Devil 1-4" being my wingman. Having lots of fun so far, well done Chris
  2. I love to constantly being challenged within a campaign which requires to learn something new in every mission Of course such a helpful community providing hints like here (many thanks!) will also be required so that it won't get too frustrating at any point. Btw: AA waypoints & bullseye can be found in Chuck's F-18 guide at page #636
  3. Thanks for your quick reply! Btw: I passed just mission 1, but great campaign and documentation so far
  4. The Raven One campaign has the kneeboards as PDFs within the mod folder, but not Operation Cerberus North. (e.g. <Driveletter>:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns\FA-18C Operation Cerberus North\Doc) The kneeboard pages (as PNG files) can be found within the mods\campaign\FA-18C Operation Cerberus North folder within the mission files (compressed files, e.g. open with WinRar) (example: <Driveletter>:\DCS World OpenBeta\Mods\campaigns\FA-18C Operation Cerberus North\OCN M1 Final.miz )
  5. Thanks for your quick reply Being just a challenge would be good, but currently it's more frustrating due to frequent crashes because of vortex ring state - esp. at the end of a mission The Huey can be a beast to land... I'd be happy getting some hints how to get Game Flight Mode activated (LUA tweaking etc.)
  6. Although e.g. Game Flight Mode has been activated in Gameplay options, this is not available in this campaign (applies to other options as well, while also "Force...for all missions and campaigns" has been set) . Any ideas how those options (esp. Game Flight Mode) can be enforced nevertheless? Btw: I've just started but great immersion (as for all of Reflected's campaigns) so far ...
  7. Excellent guide, many thanks! I was also able to show the AMPCD (aka "CENTER_MFCD") in the bottom left of my single monitor. Unfortunately it seems that multiple "viewports" shown at the same monitor are not clearly visible as these will be shown like transparent overlays (e.g. center view is shining through).
  8. I think you need to frequently update JDAM coordinates manually by TDC depress/release, esp. just before releasing the bomb (in CCRP / Auto mode). If not, the JDAM coordinates will stay with the initial target point and the corrections made by the bomb in the last seconds before impact (when laser is firing) won't be sufficient to hit the target which had been moving away from the initial target point. Update 2021-08-01: Instead of JDAM the GBU16 are being used to attack the moving target. But also for GBU, the target point (for AUTO release) needs to be updated constantly (because the target is moving). If not, the GBU will miss as the target moves out of range. Badger633 also states this in the mission briefing "...target point for the auto bomb drop system...must be reselected constantly, by pressing TDC..."
  9. Hi Chuck, chapter Weapon employment (bombs) (page 65) please add a hint that the "top circuit breaker in the front fuse box" needs to be activated, otherwise the bomb won't release - thanks!
  10. This really is a great campaign, I am having lot's of fun! Each mission does require some new tactics and requires to learn new and varied handling topics, but so far (as of mission #5) this never got frustrating or boring.
  11. I also having patterns in distant clouds (horizontal lines) in DCS OpenBeta - please see attached screenshot (gives an idea but in reality it looks worse) My resolution is 3440 x 1440
  12. Well said - I can't agree more A similar issue I see is with F-18 air-to-air refueling...
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