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  1. I am quite new to DCS:f-18 (only two months) and still trying to learn the basics but I have also realized a considerable change in the flight model. It easily looses energy in dog fights and I am not even able to cope up with mig-15's in 1to1 gunnery missions:) ) (ok maybe I am not a good pilot but I wasnt that bad a week ago)
  2. What is kneeboard? You mean the F-18 itself using magnetic heading? I measure the runway heading from F10 map with the scale on the map.
  3. The distance to Tacan station is around 10-12 miles when I acquire the Tacan signal. I follow the course line on the HSI and around 3-4 miles, I realize that the sunway is to the right by few miles. Interestingly, the course heading for Batumi is entered az 119 in the VFR landing tutorial, but the actual measurement on the runway itself shows as 126 degrees.
  4. I have very recently started DCS:F-18 and now only going with the training missions or free flight in instant action section. In both Nevada and BlackSea maps, I had this issue in Nellis or Batumi landings. For example, in Batumi, when landing to 13 runway, I set my course setting to 126 and acquire the tacan freq of Batumi with distance info etc. But when I keep flying along the course line, I end up 1-2 miles to the left of the runway.
  5. Hello guys, I am sure this was discussed before but I was not able to find via the search function (or more correctly, I found hundreds of treads and I dont know which includes what amount of info on this issue). This is quite a newbee question probably: I acquire the Tacan frequency on the HSI and measure the exact course of the runway from F10 screen. I set up my HSI with the measured course line and navigate for landing. But everytime, I end up a few miles to the left or right to the runway. I believe F-18 operates with true compass headings with no need to correct for the declination. I know that Tacan stations are generally a few hundred feet away from the landing strip but the offsett I encounter is generally 2-3 miles. Thanks for the help...
  6. Hello guys, I used to fly DCS since its Lockon days and I had played A-10 until 2012 with a certain level of seriousness for my standards. I was not into online stuff but I had a Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas, 2 monitors, TrackIR (I dont know which iteration but probably second or third) and I was able to fly relatively simple missions where I delivered every kind of bombs and missiles. Then I discovered scale modelling and stopped simming since then. Very recently I have realized that DSC has reached to an amazing level of realism and eyecandy, which I want to again give a try and learn new stuff (especially F-16). I have a couple of questions re the setup and need some advice on a new system. * I have a Dell 2711 IPS panel monitor (9 years old), which was and is performing very well so far but do you think that I should be going for a new monitor? Does refresh rates (75 or even 144hz) of current monitors really add anthing to DSC? * I want to go for a new system, where I am planning to buy a Ryzen 9 3900 (or 3950) processor and nvidia 2080 süper or 2080ti level card. Do you think I should wait for the 3000 series of nvidia? Would 2080 can be enough for me for another 5-6 years? * My monitor delivers 2560-1920 resolution at max. Do you think 2080 series video card is unnecessary for such resolutions? regards and thanks in advance for your help… salih
  7. What does a CSO do? Is that a ground crew? Or does it actually fly in the aircraft but do the bombing and shooting? I guess even if a CSO is in charge of weapons, he should also be able to fly the aircraft, right?
  8. Su-34 (from air show in Moscow) su-27's (I guess)
  9. Here is my contribution to this topic... It was an amazing show...
  10. I have 4 HDD's on my system (other than the SSD) but I only use them as storages. No game is installed on any of the HDDs.
  11. I have a fairly decent system, which was able to run DCS A-10 with very good frame rates at 3840*1440 resolution on two monitors. I haven't played A-10 for some months and I have uninstalled everything related to ED and reinstalled DCS World along with P-51. Now, even I try to run the game with 1280 resoultion, it is like a slide show no matter what I do. My system is as follow: Intel i7 2600k processor (no OC). MSI gtx 580 video card 8 gb Ram 128 gb SSD disk (game and windows running on the SSD) Win 7 TM Warthog MS Sidewinder FF stick What can be the problem ad the solution? Any ideas?
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