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  1. For the record: I'm MORE than content with the current maps we have and those officially on the way.
  2. Agreed. And a bloated Mudhen doesn't fill the hole for me.
  3. I've found the same with 2.7.12 as well. And the own-missile-lock is still VERY prevalent.
  4. The SuperCarrier + Hornet combo is worth every penny... given what they are in their current state and what they will be in the future.
  5. It is likely not correct behavior (at least for your own missiles) in TWS, at least. Whether or not the real radar will detect a tiny, high speed missile traveling away from the fighter that shot it is almost irrelevant compared to the fact that the radar is actually building a track for these missiles. And yes, if the Hornet's radar is doing this and it is in fact correct, the other 4th gen radars should be doing it too. But it is a Hornet-only problem currently and has been for quite some time. It pretty effectively botches any attempts to step through TWS tracks in a multi-bandit engagement when missiles are in the air... although the biggest problem for me isn't incoming enemy missiles but the ones that I just shot.
  6. Thanks, don't know if I'm losing my memory a bit... I just could've sworn that, prior to a few updates ago, you could exit GACQ and go back to search with NWS press... but I must just be remembering wrong. Thanks for the clarification.
  7. Hawa0835, Not sure about the motivation behind your post, whether or not you own the Hornet module or not, are thinking about purchasing, passive-aggressively demanding more features, etc.? But I'll just say this: Regardless of bugs, incomplete or nonexistent features, etc... ED's DCS Hornet is an absolute masterpiece in its current, early access, incomplete, and pretty buggy condition and is worth every penny of it's $60-$80 price tag. The challenge that ED has placed before themselves is this: to not abandon one SUPER complex, Early Access module, while they keep churning out more of them to stay financially viable as a business. Let this sink in for a second: F-18, F-16, AH-64D, A-10, etc. etc. etc. Each of those aircraft warrant their own simulation-product entirely, yet ED is creating/supporting all of the above and more. They have bit off WAAAAYYYYY more than they can chew... but the benefit I get, while they chew, is the most high-fidelity, amazing looking simulation of a 4th Gen fighter ever developed. Here's to keeping up the impossible work on the Hornet and Company.
  8. Sorry... I retract some of my enthusiasm in my original post from a month ago as, one or two patches ago in O.B., the water apparently must have gotten another 'tweak' of some sort. Now, I'm getting down into the 20s FPS when looking at water, particularly in external views, but it's a tad worse from the 'pit as well. To be fair to ED, a "High" water setting is probably optimistic for my humble 1070 card... Anyone else notice the water giving you a bigger hit?
  9. When entering Gun ACM mode, NWS/Undesignate depress will not exit out of ACM mode. Intended/correct behavior? Thanks. UndesignateACM.trk
  10. Indeed. I have listened to the FPP episode on the transition for the Blues. Really good stuff. I miss Sunshine. Omega Tau's Markus also has a really good discussion about the Hornets and differences b/w Super and Legacy. Some highlights from Guido for the Super: More thrust, gas, and FCS pitch allowances: "Lowlights" from Guido for the Super: Super Hornet is just heavier on the controls more FCS damping built in making it less sensitive/touchy/snappy when compared to the Legacy roll rate slower Super flies like a more draggy airplane (i.e. - don't need speed brakes on the back side of a loop because of the extra drag).
  11. True...but all that drag... Pros and cons.
  12. The Super Hornet DEFINTELY carries more gas and has an amazing radar. The Legacy Hornet is faster, has better acceleration, more maneuverable (and more unstable, which equals = "More fun"), has a better roll rate, is better looking, is better looking, and is also better looking. So, a Legacy Hornet with an AESA radar and the 120D would be the perfect version in DCS for me, since "more gas" means little to me in our virtual environment.
  13. I understand... a lot of guys hit that point in life where they have to trade in their sporty car for the minivan. To each their own...
  14. First off, since this was not posted in the right thread (should be in "bug"), they likely never look at it. Secondly, if you don't provide a track, they won't be able to work on it. Thirdly, this happens to me from time to time.
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