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  1. yes it is. Check this --> http://www.checksix-forums.com/showthread.php?t=131750
  2. LOTATC .NET is in pre-alpha (with two more weeks of late, sorry just 5 days :megalol:). Here is a nice screenshot ;) En joie ! :)
  3. Ok so: 3-minute intercept vectors Intercept calculatorhead on flank attack rear attack Good idea. I can use text-to-spreech to make a voice woh alerts you. I will try it.
  4. Yes of course. The mission commander of each coalition can rename each planes. Friend have a name (like 159th_Jojo) and ennemy have an Id (8 numbers). Next the MC have rename a contact, all controllers of his coalition will view the contact with its new name. A controller can rename a contact for him.
  5. Hi all, LOTATC .NET has a site: http://lotatc.net There well be more informations soon. If you have suggestions --> http://forum.lockon.ru/showthread.php?t=24689 ;) Regards
  6. I think a Alpha version will be ready before the end of the mounth.
  7. Solved issues Freezes in LOTATC 1.0 (no refresh) Windows start menu masking Freezes with big missions New features CommunicationOptimized bandwidth (compression) New role: Mission Commander, can give orders and manage controllers (more informations soon) [*]Physics More realistic radars (RCS, RADAR diagram, AOT, ...) [*]GUI More space for the radar screen Better interaction with TeamSpeak (Players list, switch buttons, ...) Move and zoom faster New menues Multi-layers screen (can automatically create a layer with Player's flight plan above the radar screen, you can create a XML zone file and display it above the radar screen. You can also make a layer for important position, etc etc. more informations soon) A zone file is a file that contains a list of Positions like this: <Zone Name="DangerZone"> <Point Latitude="45.866778" Longitude="36.4544" /> <Point Latitude="45.66554" Longitude="36.3232" /> <Point Latitude="45.23233" Longitude="36.4334" /> </Zone> You can share the zone files via LOTATC between controllers.
  8. I'm working on. :thumbup: I don't use meinit.xml. LOTATC v2 will be available in many languages. ;) I can't use fighter's radar as source of data. :cry: Sources are (of the same coalition): SAM (can be kill) AWACS (can be kill) RADAR of airports
  9. I'm currently working on the second version of LOTATC. If you have some idea or wishlist, please give it to me. :thumbup: Features Better netcode Better GUI New functions of communication between controllers Better RADAR realism etcEn joie !
  10. The good news is that we don't need a good graphic card. We just need a Windows dedicated server with a good CPU and bandwidth. :)
  11. yes we have the output. It's not very smooth but it's enough to launch the server. There is somme things to do before it can work. It works only with VNC and not with the remote desktop.
  12. Our dedicated server have a Intel 82865G card (without 3D accelaration) and LO works fine. 150 fps. ;-) We use VNC to start LO.
  13. Not possible with LockOn Lua functions but maybe if you try to connect to the server with socket and send a well formatted message. Maybe... :o
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