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  1. I'll second that [emoji106] Sent from my CPH2025 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks BIGNEWY I've sorted it out. Just deleted 1.5 folder in saved games (backed it up first for input ect.) and it's working fine now. Again thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Hi all. Since the last update when i click on mission they wont load, it just stays on the loading screen. Help please :helpsmilie:
  4. Received my 10cm extension from Sahaj which took just 3 days to arrive in the U.K. and Wow, what a transformation. It has totally changed my flight sim experience for the better, No more dead zones or curves for me now :joystick: just smooth, smooth,smooth. Well made and easy to install, worth every penny, would highly recommend. thanks S' :thumbup: Edit. Sorry about the pictures being sideways, did rotate them but they still stayed this way!
  5. hi guys. Been away for over a year. gave up my system to my son for Uni but have a unit to behold now (i7 6700 skylark, 1080gtx, 32 gig, 520 ssd, blah blah blah:) anyway, I've downloaded 1.5. no probs. Downloaded 2.0 and although I purchased A10c on first release I'm being asked to pay for it. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. P.S. It's good to be back :thumbup:
  6. Hi bolek..Love the name :lol: Just from roll to full stop landing the same direction as you took off should do. Would be good if everyone used the same mission and the A10c, maybe with no payload (I did it with what was loaded for that mission). As i said it's just for fun but who knows, it could get big and competitive with different aircraft, payloads, weather (cross winds could be fun). :music_whistling: Nice track BTW :thumbup:
  7. Thanks Blooze. It came back so i did what you said and... all is good. :) Cheers mate your a star :thumbup: Thanks to everyone else for your help two :thumbup:
  8. Just for fun. How quick from roll to a full stop landing on the same runway can you do. I've had a few goes at this using the A10c "Free flight From Runway Mission" and my best is 2.58 (track attached). Like I said, just a bit of fun. :joystick: Quick tackoff and landing.trk
  9. Thanks for your quick replies chaps :thumbup: I've reinstalled the trackIR software and all is good (Why i didn't do that first I don't know. "Couldn't see the wood for the trees" as the saying goes) :doh:
  10. Hi all, can someone help? For some reason my trackIR(5) won't centre when I...center it (see attachment, that's centred). It's fine in the trackIR GUI but not in game. I'm using TrackClip PRO and two screens, second one for MFCD's. I know that's not the problem as it happens when i change it to 1 screen. It's only happened in the last couple of days. I have a few mods installed but it still happens with them unistalled. Cheers peeps.
  11. F#cked up many desks, chairs, monitors, joysticks to get this far. will for sure f#ck up many again before I leave this mortal planet or before 2.0 arrives (Which ever comes first) :music_whistling:
  12. Yep you got it. cut a hole in the top of the desk and it sits on the keyboard draw... my knees are free (couldn't operate the rudder peddles otherwise) :thumbup:
  13. Nothing exiting just an old 10 inch monitor I had kicking around with Cougar MECCa stuck permanently to it :thumbup:
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