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  1. Thanks, looks interesting! A dynamic campaign as Falcon 4.0 is my dream! Before I must learning the F-16
  2. ok, i read something about it. But they say that these problems are mainly related to multiplayer. For the single player part it should not seriously affect its functioning. Anyway thanks for the tip
  3. thank you very much. I start study it! SFo learning one plane I can do both a-a and a-g. I then read that it was one of the "easiest" and most intuitive
  4. i just bought this module and i noticed that there are no training missions for the GBU, why? second question, I also noticed that there is only one paid campaign available for this module, will more be released soon? third question, some time ago, I did some practice with a10 and f18, now I would like to dedicate myself to the F16 as a multirole aircraft. And, let's say, already playable? Can you confirm that, among modern jets, it is one of the affordable and not overly complicated ones?
  5. Ok thanks. And for switch SSS mode? I don't find any key to bind....
  6. I'm on lesson 2 (taxi and hoover), it said me to switch SSS mode....which key is it? Another question, i unlock tail wheel with cockpit butto, but i cannot lock it, i press the cockpit butto, Lshift+w , but nothing
  7. I'd like to use the F14 module, I would to known if the A version is more simple for rookie then B version. Is A version A-G capable? Has the A version simplified avionics then B? Thank you very much.
  8. I don't play for long time and today I see they have inplemented ground radar....I don't see it in the early access manual, is there any docs about ground radar?
  9. I'm interesting in your campaign, but I would to know if air refuel is necessary in some mission. I just can't do it and this would be an impediment for me. Thanks
  10. What is best gamma setting for you? I know it depends on the monitor, personal tastes, but I would still like an opinion. Thank you
  11. 3 questions: - I am on mission 3, in lineup card I see a "Strike Common" frequency is 124.00 Mhz…..what is strike common? - On the lineup card I have 124.00 for strike common, 150.00 for awacs, 1XX.XXX for airbase, 144.00 for jtac, 130.00 for tanker…..all these frequencies must be setted on radio 1, right? Why I have all frequency on radio 1? Usually, for example, jtac is on radio VHF 2..... - how do i know the frequencies for my wingman? In the briefing there is no written
  12. Can you explain please? Wich cmd line?
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