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  1. Nice man! good luck, don’t forget to post cool stuff if you get a chance:thumbup:
  2. Was this one posted yet? Play attention to the levcon movement! Here is a pic I saw at the Key publishing aviation forum http://russianplanes.net/id118924 amazing!
  3. The Man He brought us thousands ands thousands hours of joy, I still think that flanker 1.0 was the best the turning point on desktop simulators. Sorry I was so late:cry:
  4. Wasn't the Concorde designed to use small diameter turbojet to reduce drag? Or was it the tu-144? They could have used a turbofan by sacrificing drag efficiency. Let me know if I'm wrong?
  5. I'll take the super hornet over the scripted alpha f-16.
  6. The issue now is that other countries are developing stealth fighter at a faster pace because they didn't buy into the do it all jet. The Chinese got 2 stealth jets in the works that are made to fill an specific roll unlike the f-35. The main problem confronted by the US is current needs vs projected treads. The current needs include economical ground support and transport for troops, but the projected treads include high tech stealth jets and sophisticated defense networks. So, how do you cover both with this world economy?
  7. Do they put any protective coat to the paint on the aircrafts? that mig is relatively new and the paint is already weathered? is it that they apply very light coats?
  8. Su-35 demo, check the landing, the flaperons as air brakes
  9. Lol ... But now my question is why they pus the hinge on the front?
  10. If we were talking about a tv equipped eurofighter or f-16 we would not be having this argument. It is the same story that when the russians showed the su-27 and mig-29 for the first time... a few years after that we saw the west introducing a tv equipped raptor and the development of the aim-9x. About that rafale video, the only thing it proves is that the rafale pilot was very good, he extended because he couldn't out turn the f-22, the f-22 kept turning and turning until it got too slow, then it became lunch. I think that the rafale is very underrated anyway, maybe the americans got a lesson that day. People don't realize that the russians corrected the weaknesses of the su-30 mk; the su-35 has better power to weight ratio, it is less draggy, uses an improved control systems, it can super cruse (how fast? I don't know) as commented by the su-35 pilot himself.
  11. There is a picture of a flanker painted to imitate the taxiway concrete. I wonder why the Russians are using that dark gray,is it harder to see than the blue? Did they apply any radar reduction paint? Also fighters get anti glare and reflexion treatment on windows and glass, at some angles it looks like the glass is stained with oil, lol. Is there any laser protection on American fighters. I read that the Russians don't turn on The laser rangefinder on the flankers and migs during training to prevent pilots from getting the man in black treatment while dogfighting.
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