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  1. Gents, Looking for a single side headset with a boom mic for gaming. I have a great razer headset but I don't use it often. I like the immersion from my speakers... so I want a headset that is only on one ear with a mic. It would only be for comms. Srs etc... game sounds will play through speakers. Would be cool if I can get warning sounds on thst speaker too but i don't think dcs can do that Anyone have any suggestions? Would highly prefer wireless.
  2. I assume with this I can't fly on mp servers?
  3. I remember reading in the manual there is a version without the aux internal tank where you can have 1200 rounds instead of 300. I can see it making sense for real life where there are extended loiter times and all, but in the sim I'd prefer 1200 rounds and less fuel just because I'm training and want more ammo, or I'm in MP and my ass gets shot down too quick anyways to burn through my fuel. I searched the topic but didn't find anything. So I was curious if this will be an option for us?
  4. What I'm trying to say is it's already calibrated in the game. I have flown vast lands and haven't seen this happen in the game. Flying King airs and other planes it was pretty normal for us to be within just 75 feet or so of barometric altitude. From one airport to the next pressure would be diff. I'm not sure if dcs simulates dynamic weather with changing barometric altitude? I don't even know how to check a metar in dcs. When I get in the game it's set. Possibly because it's always 29.92 in the game lol
  5. It can be disabled i think. It's in the manual. I just read it yesterday lol
  6. It says Adana Hehir Şastanesi when it should be Adana Şehir Hastanesi 37 01'43"N 35 20'49"E In the city of Adana
  7. After trying to figure if my computer was acting up, or the video was messed up, i got to the FCR page and now have a good idea of what's going on. Thanks!
  8. Can someone tell me how the FCR will work? Will I have like a 360 radar GMT map that looks similar to the F18's? select targets and send off a radar guided hellfire to it like I would shoot a AIM120 or something? I know it's in the works and won't be anytime soon, but I'm just curious on how it'll look, and how we'll work missiles to target with it. I assume it'd be less work than laser ranging, finding targets, tracking etc. I'm not sure... and can it be used for other things besides like a GMT and shooting stuff down? does it have an air mode or anything? Curiosity killed the cat.
  9. I did notice most of my "engagement" distance is around 1000-1500 anyways so I guess leaving it at 1500 and compensating will do the trick.
  10. ALT hold with 0 speed hold you mean? lol
  11. I'm getting the hang of this... kinda How many WPs can you have in one "channel" (I forget what it was called, alpha, bravo etc) and what is the point of having multiple wp channels? (alpha, bravo, charlie etc)
  12. Same here... I gotta open up the controls view and center it myself. Wish there was a cheat button to reset it since our joysticks don't stay in the position like a FFB or the real thing would.
  13. so if the auto ranging is using radar elevation and lookdown value.... correct, it won't give correct range if target is on a hillside or something... So why doesn't it lase the target to get an accurate range? that would give the correct distance. the apache is capable of lasing targets for distance, correct?
  14. Why not just hit 1 and 2 real quick and switch seats? unless you got 4 hands and 2 brains, how are you going to process flying and shooting out of 2 monitors?
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