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  1. Oh of course it was 23Sq. How did i forget?
  2. Serial# 112620 (bought in 2020) Location: Romford (near London), United Kingdom
  3. So aside from keeping an aircraft manual or keybind list on the screen is there anything more interactive that can be done with a 2nd computer whilst flying in DCS? Any 3rd party programs such as moving maps or mfd repeaters that work with DCS?
  4. So I was going through a pile of stuff and found a 2nd base plate for my throttle that I don't remember it's use (throttle is on a monstertech desk mount), it has 4 rubber pads on the bottom and doesn't have the little silver plate that is on the throttle. Is this a replacement plate or an additional one for desktop use (hence the rubber pads)?
  5. Just wondering, i love the LEDs on the throttle, and I can match the colour on my RGB keyboard and mouse but there are no lights on the stick. So did anyone ever make an LED kit or anything like that to light up the stick?
  6. For example, we have the F-14 with 2 versions and with the F-4E coming out many people are hoping for one of the dozen or so other Phantom variants to be released (mine are the British Phantoms). So what I want to know is how difficult is it for the creators, and modders, to created these variants? How easy is it to change the engines (and remodel the fuselages with the Brit birds), to change the avionics etc? I just want to know if we Phantom Phans are getting our hopes up for every version of the Phantom or if the reality is that we can only get a couple (the F-4E and the inevitable Naval version)?
  7. If i recall correctly, the increased take off AOA and the more powerful Spey engines actually melted the decks on American carriers
  8. I know that BS1 isnt integrated into DCS like all the other modules but are there any differences in terms of flying and learning the helicopter?
  9. They only used the Js for one squadron...74 as they had to send that squadron's FGR2s to the Falkland Islands to patrol. Personally I would love the K/FG1 as this was both carrier and land based for the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force respectively
  10. Stick fiddlers - people who use (fiddle with) flight STICKS Cross-Genre = community that focuses on different types of game, i.e. Space sims and flight sims as they are similar, to a degree
  11. I know there are plenty of communities for specific flight and space sims but are there any multi genre/game communities that cover both...where you can chat and play with all sorts of flight stick fiddlers...be it in F-16s, Spitfires, Mk3 Cobras or X-wings.
  12. Wow. alot of replies, thanks alot guys, appreciate it. BTW I am not a VR user and have been using flight sims for 30 years since Dogfight on the Amiga but never done any study level stuff. What im taking from most of these replies is that it doesnt really matter what i start with, pick a plane i like and build from there.
  13. Been flying various sims for a long time (since Dogfight on the Amiga) but nothing study level like with DCS
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