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  1. Hey there! If you're having problems, please go to https://bit-shift.com and open a support ticket by using the green support widget in the bottom left corner and do what I can to get you up and running!
  2. I had started down the road of being able to support multiple aircraft (this is a large undertaking for the iPad app - pretty much a complete rewrite - and still a fairly heavy lift for the android app) however at this time I've had to put this project on hold for personal reasons. This app is a side project for me and things have come up in "real life" that need the attention I had been giving to this project. It is still something I want to support, unfortunately I don't have any information on when or if that will ever happen :( I will still be supporting the existing app and making sure it continues to work with future releases of DCS:W (unless something changes where that's not possible any more) but at this point I can't commit to any new features. Thanks to everyone for all the support through the years. I hope the future will allow more time to work on new stuff!
  3. There will be a slight amount of overhead with every additional device you connect to the server but I've used 3 devices at a time without issue. Really the only major problem you might run into would be running out of bandwidth on your wifi network if you have repeated exported displays (MFCD, CDU) across all the devices. If you just have left MFCD on one, right MFCD on another and CDU on another, that should perform pretty well!
  4. Awesome! What solution did you go with? Duet on a second ipad?
  5. I know Duet won't let the tablet be the primary display, but if it's just attached as a second one it very well may work. Just make sure it's a secondary display and arranged to the right of the primary display in Windows. Then run the server setup again and move the MFCDs to the secondary display, save and re-run the script installer. Let us know how it works!
  6. boarder2


    Latest version of iControl DCS and DCS VC for Android should fix the issues with switch values for these missions. If anyone still has a problem with them in either app feel free to open a support ticket using the support widget at https://bit-shift.com/icontroldcs/index.html Thanks to those who tracked this down in the first place and let me know!
  7. Beta versions are technically not supported. However, if you change the Save Game and DCS:W directory to the ones for the beta install it'll probably work.
  8. Can you open a support ticket by going to https://bit-shift.com/icontroldcs/index.html and filling out the form in the bottom left corner of the screen? I don't see the behavior you're talking about when using the UH-1H module myself. If you could attach screenshots of what you're seeing that would be helpful as well. Thanks!
  9. Everything looks good on the site and download. No viruses. You can verify the SHA256 hash with what's on the site if you'd like, it's correct. :thumbup:
  10. This software is only for using an Android tablet to interact with the simulator. There's a video explaining how to set up the server software here The demo doesn't allow you to save any changes to the view. You can purchase controls by adding a new view, selecting edit on that view, tapping the + button in the upper left corner and clicking the dropdown. Does that answer your questions?
  11. If you make the exported displays smaller on the main screen they'll be lower resolution when they're sent to the tablet which might make them a little less clear. You'll just have to play with what looks good on the tablet but doesn't get in the way on the monitor. Tablet/PC resolution don't need to be the same. No problem there. A-10 is currently the only supported aircraft. For now. :smilewink:
  12. New update rolled out to the store today includes radios! Here's the full change list: • NEW - ILS Panel (Single, Radio package, All package) • NEW - TACAN Panel (Single, Radio package, All package) • NEW - UHF Panel (Single, Radio package, All package) • NEW - VHF Panels (Single, Radio package, All package) • Improved frame rate with multiple live displays • Improved battery life when live displays aren't shown • Bug fixes This release brings the android app up to feature pairity with the iOS app and actually surprasses it with editable views. Enjoy!
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