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  1. I have the same problem. I repaired my Beta DCS installation but same problem trying to apply update. I then reinstalled the Beta and during the redownload of modules the message "I-16 not authorized" was received. I excluded the I-16 from the module installation and the installation completed. I now have an updated Beta but without the I-16 installed. Obviously, the Beta update created this issue. Please repair.
  2. Autostart does not start plane. Engine fires then quits immediately. Appears that Magneto switch is set to "Off" by Autostart script when engine fires.
  3. use Autostart/Stop regularly and have since day one. It's not a "Cheat", it's a preference. Don't understand how anyone would think it's a cheat to use either command.
  4. Can you post your "all is right" file here? Thanks
  5. Thanks for the addition of AUTOSTART/STOP in the Viggen. Please add the capability to map both commands to a HOTAS or Joystick, etc., button as is typically found in other DCS aircraft. Thanks
  6. Same problem....solved. I deleted each module where DCS was asking for the Authorization key by using the Module Manager. Note that the A10A, Mig 29, etc., remain available in FC3 after deleting the unique module in Module Manager. Only problem using the Module Manager is that a restart of DCS is required after each module is deleted. Clumsy but it works.
  7. Hi, I'm getting Authorization messages requesting Authorization codes for C/A and all the modules that are found under F/C since applying the update. The initial message says there are 2 days remaining under the authorization. I license all DCS modules except C/A and the stand alone modules duplicated under F/C. I have never seen these messages before today's update. I tried a repair after disabling my A/V. That had no affect on the problem. I've attached my log files for your reference. Help please! Thanks Logs.zip
  8. I was reacting to the Module Manager in the Release version asking me if I wanted to download and install the JF-17, then telling me that the module was "Invalid". If the JF-17 is not yet ready for the "Stable/Release" version, fine, then please tweak the Module Manager in the Release version accordingly.
  9. [REPORTED] Can't Install the JF-17 using Module Manager on Dec. 24th Rel. Branch As the title says, I'm getting an error from the autoupdater that says"ERROR: Unknown module DEKA_JF-17". This is in the release version of DCS after application of the 12=24 update. Anyone help? Autoupdater log attached. Thanks https://forums.eagle.ru/attachment.php?attachmentid=223673&d=1577201984
  10. Hi, I'm getting an error from the Auto-updater that is preventing the download of the JF-17 by the Module Manager in the release version of DCS. This is after the update of the Release version today (12-24). I've attached the updater log that reflects the error. The error is "ERROR: Unknown module DEKA_JF-17". Anyone help? Thanks. autoupdate_log.txt
  11. Hi, :ooking at the Change Log for the 10-16-19 update, the missing key mapping for the ALT GEAR Handle remains unaddressed. Please tell us when this will be corrected. Thanks
  12. I see in the known issues list that the ALT Gear Handle is "not clickable". I just want to add that the ALT GEAR Handle is also not mapped to any key command and consequently the gear cannot be raised or lowered using a joystick button or key command. If that's the same as "not clickable", my apologies.
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