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  1. Const, Can I ask you what constitutes a hardware change with this starforce malarky ? I ask this because I recently downgraded my mainboard bios from 1.B to 1.8 and now Flaming Cliffs is asking to be activated again due to this. This isnt the first time I have been asked for activation for no real reason. Ive had it ask when ive changed memory timings in the bios and switched my audigy from one slot to another. I understand the older bios could make SF think a new mainboard had been installed?? These to me dont make a major hardware change, nor is the Pc any different than what it was when i first activated. Also had issues with the save key reg file not working. I even exported the registry myself, I re-install WinXP, do the FC install and apply the reg file, and yes you guessed, hardware has changed need to activate. Any info would be appreciated Thanks Peav
  2. I am having the exact same issue, but only when looking at the ground. If i fly about with the FPS counter on and look up into the sky fps is pretty steady (which would be how it should). However as soon as I look towards the ground it starts to pause every few seconds. The FPS counter shows around 45 fps when normal then when it pauses it drops to about 30fps thern jumps straight back to 45ish, and its pretty noticable. It causes the scene to jerk every 2-3 seconds, regardless if the aircraft is flying or is taxiing on the ground. Never did this in 1.11 which was the last version i played before doing the upgrade. Might have something to do with the water, becasue if I understand correctly it is rendered under the land scenery but i havent flown over water with 1.12a yet so cant comment whether it does this over water aswell. I also find the vehicles are square boxes until 2km out annoying but I guess I can live with this.
  3. This doesnt seem to make any difference to me at all. Take tonight for instance, windows decided that my keyboard didnt want to work altho it was fine in linux, so i reinstalled XP. Keyboard works fine, i proceded to reinstall FC etc and do the reboot to let SF install. Reboots, I apply the regkey saved by the save key tool, and guess what, hardware has changed it needs reactivating. Im already on my 2nd activation key, which has now decided i cant activate it again. Yeah i am slightly miffed, and i defo wont be buying Black Shark if its going to have starforce protection in it.
  4. Big Thanks to support, they emailed me a new serial code today. Hopefully the Savereg tool will work with this one. Thanks again Peav
  5. Hi Im having similar issues with Starforce, 3 auto and 1 manual activation and now i have no activations left. And you know the funniest thing about it ?? not one piece of hardware has changed. Ive used the tool to save the registry but even after reinstalling FC and/or windows and applying the registry file, activation was needed. First couple of times this happened it was due to memory problems, Timings being too tight for the speed they were running at, so setting slacker memory timings invoked a reactivation. Had this for about 3 weeks and now its not playable. So im gonna email Tech support and see what they can do. Peav
  6. Lol sorry to bump an old post but i have to agree, Changing my memory timings, but not the speed it was running at caused FC to run activation. I now have 1 auto authorisation left :S Plenty of manual so i aint worried.. yet !!
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