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  1. Hornblower793 was able to help me out on the discord channel. I recommend everyone who is having any trouble to check out there as well. Other than hornblower there were several others who were willing to help me, for those of you that did, I thank you, sorry I stepped away from the computer for a bit. Turns out I was stupid and didnt have a button mapped for TX5 to communicate with ground crew to give me ground power Well, stupid is as stupid does. Thanks again Hornblower and everyone else.
  2. Do I need to change keybindings in DCS world to allow me to use Vaicom with the F-14? It works great with the other planes but in the F14 vaicom recognizes me in the plane. but both TX1 and 2 are greyed out. I do not have garmin installed.
  3. Ok my problem was I didnt have the correct path for vaicom to my dcs folder as it wasnt in C drive. Fixed the situation. Thread can be deleted
  4. Just downloaded and installed voiceattack and vaicom. Went through installation and followed the guides on youtube and the pdf. In game, the interphone F1-12 menu keeps popping up without any key presses. What did I do wrong when setting up my PTT buttons. I do not have a TX5 interphone button mapped in the vaicom profile, and when testing with my thrustmaster warthog throttle I cannot find anything that is using it from the pov hat that is used for the other transmit TX buttons. My in game DCS keybindings are also all clear like in Hollywood_315's youtube instructional video. I could not find the hotas interphone keybind in DCS world game keybindings. Any and all help appreciated.
  5. Well it came early and I can honestly say Im very impressed. Its sturdy, nothing moves once you have it where you want it. Can also say thats a con as it doesnt move even when you want it to but, I'd rather it be that way. I am not using this as a portable device. Easy to set up, althought I wish the screws to connect the throttle and stick were a bit longer to hold the nut a bit more. However thinking more about it, I could also see the shorter screws being better as if I put the stick lower I wont hit my knees on screws protruding out of the bottom. I haven't used it in flight yet, but I can see this will be much more comfortable than anything I made myself. plus its much more customizable than anything I could make myself. I am still a little apprehensive about the price, but, glad I got the 3 plate stand instead of the one. As of right now, I would buy it again
  6. Hey guys thanks for the replies. I ended up ordering the three stand version. I was worried the throttle and stick may be too close together for my liking as well. I also figured more is better, although my wife wasn't as please as I was I feel my setup was letting me down with the game. I have a great stick, vr, and a good pc to run it but I wasn't playing it as much as I wanted to due to the comfort factor. Im hoping this stand will let me be more comfortable and allow me to play longer. Or should I say be able to LEARN more by repeating flights instead of one and done. I tried many things before this. I even build (badly) a few stands myself but it was always missing something. Craftsmanship being one, and bulky being another. I'll let you guys know how much this helps me out when it arrives. Hopefully saturday or monday latest. Thanks again!
  7. For anyone using a wheel stand for a warthog HOTAS, and VR which one of the wheel stand do you have? Pro with the 3 different mounting plates or the regular one with the one large plate that holds the throttle and stick? Amazon.com: Wheel Stand Pro Super Warthog Wheel Stand Compatible with Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog and Saitek Pedals. Pedals/Mouse/Keyboard/Throttles not Included.: Computers & Accessories I was leaning towards the pro, but with vr, I dont know if it would be overkill as I wouldnt need more than the one plate of the (cheaper) regular version. However, if anyone has the single plate and thinks the stick and throttle are too close together, then that would sway my opinion as well. Any and all hints/tips with this product are GREATLY appreciated.
  8. Me personally I dont like used parts for the simple fact that you don't know how hard they were put through the ringer, if they have been cleaned or how they were cleaned, the power supplies used to them etc. Not saying there arent good used parts out there, just the unknown bugs me. But of course, a brand new part can break just as fast due to any weird reasons. If the costs are close, I buy new, and I havent seen any used parts that are a significant price drop from new.
  9. Its funny because the two planes I didn't like and didn't think "looked cool" were the Hornet and the Viper. With the Tomcat and Eagle being my favorites. In DCS, the Viper and Hornet are by far my favorite planes.
  10. Landing problems for me is getting the right AoA but other than that I can set it down relatively gentle. But yes, definitely not the smoothest landing on approach for me.
  11. Is it just me, or is the F-16 just an easier plane to understand and fly than others? I have the F-15, F-14, F-18, F-86 and I have found that I am understanding and getting the hang of this plane much much faster than any of the others. Granted I have only done a few things with the plane, mostly just the single missions that came with the module but landing, CCRP, CCIP, countermeasures landing and lasing with this system has been great. I have spent way more time with the F-14 and F18 and am not anywhere close to as comfortable with them as the 16, and that may have more to do with mostly trying to carrier land with the others. My tune might change once I start AAR with the 16. Is anyone else finding this bird a bit more "easy?"
  12. Im not very good at anything DCS related but I think the first missile from the left is trying to pull lead at the enemy as it seems to be pointing the same way as they are. No idea on the second missile from the left and the third looks to also be leading the aircraft. The lowest missile, appears to be tracking the countermeasures. Just my thinking on this, again I am not very good with DCS and still learning.
  13. Has the pdf manual for the F-14 been updated at all? Or I guess has it needed to be for any reason yet? Just reading it again, and mine is still version 1.0. Didn't know if there was a newer version available yet.
  14. My bad Kenan, I didn't see you were talking about latest update. I'm sure you know better than me how to set up your mavs and LGBs. Thought it was a new person asking a question, like me. :) As for the update, I am not having any issues launching mavs.
  15. I'm still learning myself, so take this with a grain of salt until someone can confirm or deny but if you have the E model maverick? You need to enter the laser code for the seeker head to find. That was my problem one day. LGB's could be the same thing, are you setting the laser code and the fuses etc in the weapon station screen?
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