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  1. Hi All, just a quick question about this course line switch. It is really difficult to set the correct course. Say I want to set it to 234* I can get it to 235 or 232 or something near there but its almost impossible to get it on to 234, It just moves way too fast. Is this like the real Aircraft or is this a problem? Thanks in advance. Great Aircraft my fav by far !!
  2. Opaque Sight Glass Has there been a fix for this yet? I have looked and cannot see anything anywhere. It becomes un-useable when the density is above 8 which in turn severely limits the amount of heavy rain that can be used.
  3. Hi All I have noticed i can increase my altimeter setting i.e 2086 to say 2992 using the rotary knob. Just lately though i have found i can't decrease it. Just thought i'd mention it like.
  4. Something i tried after looking at my C drive, I had 74gig of space left. Thought maybe this was causing an issue with not having enough room. Freed up 1.4gigs worth and tried to run again and hey presto its running ok-ish, not perfect but, has not CTD for a couple of days now. I still feel there are some bugs for sure as its pretty laggy at times especially in MP, Lots of rubber banding and lots of freezes. I have a friend who has a really good system and even he has had some issues none of which either of us had before this last big update. Still at least it is usable at the minute. Guess i will have to wait and see if and when it gets sorted as i'm sure it will. It is early days and its in Beta so patience is the order of the day for now. :music_whistling:
  5. mmm, I spoke to soon, still keeps crashing. I give up!!!!!!!:mad:
  6. Re-installed the Map and it is now working. Everyone can stand easy!:thumbup:
  7. Just for info. I have set everything on the lowest settings there are and it still hangs when it gets to Terrain Preload 87 Stage 47. I have run Repair. Do not have mods. 2nd Attachment 232821 has no mods just a simple mission with the AV8B dcs.log-20200827-220029.zip dcs.log-20200827-232821.zip
  8. Hi Big Newy. Having similar issues here too. Syria Map loaded fine before this last update but it will not work at all now. I have attached Log file. I cannot get it to run in MP or SP. Crashes out when it gets to Terrain Preload 87 Stage 47. dcs.log
  9. plexi

    Start up

    start up Thanks Greyman. I'll let it boot with Windows then as i see there is an option for that already.
  10. plexi

    Start up

    Hi All. Have looked around to see if there is an answer but not found one so sorry if i have missed it somewhere. My question is is it possible to have Vaicom start up when i boot up DCS? Thanks in advance.
  11. I didn't know you could go straight to the right wing. Have always found only the left available if it's just a one ship. Two ship yes. Am i missing something here?
  12. Hi All. Is there a way to resupply the S/C from another ship using a Helo? Thought it might be good fun to use a Helo from a Supply Ship and transfer Fuel or Arms, Equipment and stuff to the Carrier, a replenishment at Sea like they do in R/L. I have looked in the Mission Editor and have seen something in there that might be able to be used but so far can't seem to get anything to work. Any ideas?
  13. Warning Beware. Just downloaded the new update and it will not even run now. However i have had my Kaspersky inform me that its detected this, Malicious tool detected, VHO:Hacktool.Win32.Inject.gen. It now needs to disinfect and restart my PC. The location G:\DCS World OpenBeta\bin\WorldGeneral.dll Don't know if any one else has experienced this but thought i'd just bring to peoples attention. Now i'm going to let Kaspersky do its thing.
  14. A Quick Question about JSGME Hi All. JSGME. Is this also used for installing Liveries/Skin Jobs? I ask because i have downloaded some for the AV8B. Its some Liv's for the RAF and RNFAA Are Liveries classed as a Mod? I have looked through your Guide but cannot see anything about it, probably missed it. I got the unzipped folder to show up in the GME but nothing shows up in game so to speak. The folder has 9 Liveries inside. I tried to add each folder but it will only let me use one. Any ideas/thoughts much appreciated. Kind Regards.
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