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  1. I deleted it. As I figured out the issue about a minute after I posted. The post is not needed. Depress wheel brakes then release parking brake.
  2. I tell you bothas and sistas, that in this module there is a dynamic roll tendency to a degree I do not experience in other rotary sims in DCS. Approaching any kind of slope landing, even gentle, even though its a sim, my pucker factor goes up. Even taxing on falt tarmac the Blackhawk can dyn roll , depending on taxi speed and aggressive of pedal work. What makes it so difficult is that it is challenging to arrest, and very easy to overcorrect, to find yourself dyn rolling into opposite side. In UH-1H, Gazelle, and KA-50, only little bit of side cyclic displacement is needed. In hawk, quite a bit more.
  3. APU BOOST was switched ON prior to APU CONTROL switch to ON. I am following checklist on kneepad.
  4. Cold Start procedure not working for me. So I have been cheating by using autoSTart just to get basic handling of UH-60L. Now I am moving on to proper cold start by hand. Checklist not quite working for me. I am using 1.2 checklist on kneepad. Gen No.1 ON Gen No.2 ON Air Source APU Console lighting switch Set as desired Battery ON APU Generator ON APU Control Switch ON (Was difficult to locate) At this point nothing happens. There is no APU whine. APU advisories. Check. ?????? What am I looking for? Cockpit is dark. AHRS Alignment Check ?????? Cockpit and center console are dark. What am I looking for? Tail Wheel Lock OFF GPS Mode ????? Cockpit and center console are dark. What am I looking for? Stabiiator control ON FPS ?????? Cockpit and center console are dark. What am I looking for? Trim ON ?????????????? Cockpit and center console are dark. SAS 2 ???????????? center console are dark. SAS 1 same as SAS 2. Dark BOOST ON Is that Fuel Pump APU Boost switch ? Stabilator Down. Problem. It does not stay down. Probably related to dark cockpit, Fuel Selectors DIR. The two large white ball selectors Engine 2 Starter Press for on1 second. NOTHING HAPPENS. Everything is dark and quiet. At this point I stop manual start up, as it is not working me, per 1.2 Checklist After three attempts with same negative results. I'd like to get an opinion as to what is going on.
  5. Has anyone made Marine VH-60 WhiteHawk Presidential/VIP VHX squadron livery.
  6. I find slope landing in UH-60 most difficult of DCS: Helicopters I have. I got KA-50 2.0, Gazelle, UH-1H. Trial on Hind ended, and I am waiting for Apache to be more developed. UH-60L , in my hands at least, is prone to uncommanded and arrest resistant dynamic roll. Sadly, like other DCS: helicopters, a rotor blade strike with ground or object does not result in catastrophic destruction of rotor hub and severe damage to helicopter. Only the rotor and the hub are damaged. Unrealistic behavior of damage model. Also in DCS wind simulation is simple on nonexistent on terrain pinnacles, and around large structures.
  7. Got it done finally! First successful slope landing in confined area, with stable hold. Can't say I can recreate it every time safely. But its a step. Trk shows landing near hotel on slope in Guam. Confined urban area, slope landing. VFR. UH60L_confinedArea_slope_landing_takeOffr.trk
  8. I was reading account of rescue of Cpt. Scott Grady, USAF in 1995. His F-16 ate an SA-6 over Bosnia or Serbia, and he ejected. Anyhow the rescue ship, a Marine MH-53E, piloted by a Marine Colonel. At LZ, after two escorting AH-1W established a perimeter, pilot brought the huge helicopter to hover from fwd flight by standing the MH-53 on its tail then bringing it to zero speed hover prior to touching down. I was trying to see how that maneuver would work in UH-60L. Keep in mind that RW MH-60 has uprated engines and less restrictive control laws for its FCS over UH-60L/M.
  9. So pulling a Cobra in UH-60L is death. At 60 knots fwd speed, zero collective while pulling cyclic back to stand the helicopter on its tail. Then a quick cyclic push fwd, to tip the nose fwd. About 1/2 half way between vertical and nose horizontal, apply collective. Either it works, or Blackhawk enter severe VRS, or nose up is not arrested and helicopter nose goes to 160 AOA, nearly flipping UH-60 on its back. It then stops responding to controls, and impacts the ground in that weird attitude. What can I say, I trying to 'Hollywood' fly the Blackhawk.
  10. Well I found a point of difficulty for me in UH-60L. Slope landing and holding steady on slope for at least 30 seconds. Have a hard time doing it. Meaning I have yet to do it. Where landing on slope then holding helicopter steady on one front gear and tail wheel, with opposite side gear hanging in air. What happens to me is that I get into dynamic roll, usually into the slope side rotor, but sometime in outer slope side. It begins to dynamically roll, pivoting on gear. and opposite cyclic does not arrest dynamic roll. Also at times, dynamic roll is initiated by pedal input . Where centering the pedals and opposite cyclic does not arrest dynamic roll.
  11. Helicoptering is all hands and feet flying. It took me months to learn to fly KA-50 including a coordinated turn. My first rotary sim. Two months to become profficient with UH-1H. UH-1H in DCS with 70% fuel, 2 X M134 miniguns and rocket pods, CANNOT hover. not enough power. To T/O I have to drag skids along ground until I reach some ETL, then after airborne. Do no slow down until fuel is burned off and M134 ammunition expended. Three weeks to learn to fly Gazelle , including hovering, ship landing, and autorot. For UH-60L, in ten minutes I was hovering. Way too easy. MI-24 I was suffering VRS and unarrested settling issues after third week. The Hind would just decide that it wants to land, regardless. I still have hovering issues in Hind. With 70% fuel , 4 Shturn missiles, and 2 X 32 rocket pods, I have a hard time hovering. Hind struggles with power. But with UH-60L . With 100% fuel and 4 tanks, thats a heavy helo. Yet it hovers IGE with 75% throttle.
  12. This MOD is awfully easy to hover, and easy to avoid VRS, and settling with power. Even with 100% fuel and 4 tanks. Is the real UH-60L really that refined and powerful? Or is the mod maybe sacrifing realistic behavior. Otherwise its really cool mod. Hard to beleive that it is open source and free.
  13. MI-28N Havoc is likely more compatible with NATO / 'Western' attack helicopter tactics of hiding the platform behind tree line, terrain mask, anything to prevent LOS. Becouse of its mast mounted sensor. MI-28N is most analogue of AH-64D, with Apache having more sophisticated sensors.MI-28N is heavier then AH-64D, due to crew cabin being more heavily protected, and Havoc gun system being heavier. Both use 30mm , but not compatible ammunition. Hind has no analogue in West, with maybe possible exception of special forces support MH-60 DAP Blackhawk. But those exist in small numbers assigned to US Army 160th SOAR (The Nightstalkers) . Hind using rocket salvoes in high speed strafe is more like USAF and USN A-1 Skyraider , in application adopted for very short or vertical landing ability of Hind. Given how vulnerable Hind's powerplant (engine , transmission, main rotor) to MANPADS, as shown in Soviet Afgan, and RuAF Ukr , campaigns, may not be the best way. Given RuAF losses of KA-52 fleet, may not be best use of KA-52 either.
  14. Soldiers fight as they train. This is what Russian KA-52 crews train to, and that is what they doing. Using KA-52 as IL-2. Fly very low, and engage close-in with gun and rockets. Perhaps they do use stand off for guided weapons, footage of which Russian MOD would censor. Its also more compatible with propaganda war of showing heroism under fire , of RUssian helicopter crews fighting up close and personal.
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