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  1. If i new i paid 50 dollars just for "atrezzo" i wouldnt buy. I expected better coms with carrier.
  2. When you are in combat, with lot of units to watch, then the alarm of RWR F14 starts to pi pi pi pi because detect a launch, but it´s an ALLIED SAM, a Hawk, and then you make defensive maneuvers when you don´t have to do it, because that launch is not for you... Same in other conditions, please, fix this at once. Many months with this and still continues...
  3. Thank you guys. But for me is difficult to understando why NAVY say yes to Hornet, a much newer jet, also F16 and a NO for F14D. Also for developer will be interesting, some people want more info in the HUD and newer weapons, so there are new customers. Also actual customers could be potential clients too, with a discount code for having the A/B for example.
  4. Eurofighter is a very new jet with lot of classified info, and even that will be developed. So, why F14D can´t be done too?
  5. I fight with my squadron lot of engament F14 Vs MIG 31 --> Phoenix vs R33 The MIG launch at 70 miles even a bit more, the R33 Mach 4 and don´t loose energy Our Phoniex reach mach 3.8 and loose to quick. Check this, need a balance for sure.
  6. There are planes that is very difficult to see Position Lights and other planes that you can see far far away. Unify this
  7. About the last update and DCS 2.7 Will this version add smart scaling or something similar, so people we have monitor 27" 4K and 2k will be able to see bandits in dogfight? or our wingmen when we are formation in line abreast 2 miles? This is a must in a combat sim.
  8. Clouds looks really cool, but if they are not synchronized in MULTIPLAYER, they are just atrezzo...
  9. Hi, lot of months ago, i read in a Newsletter that ED was working in a huge improve of fps in VR. Any news about this?
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