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  1. pho3nix

    Fixed FOV NVG

    https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-world-2-5/bugs-and-problems-ai/general-questions-ac/231403-nvg-field-of-view-issues I asked for this ages ago but nothing...
  2. I have noticed that the NVG FOV is variable depending on in-cockpit zoom level rather than a fixed FOV. The JHMCS on the hornet correctly maintains a consistent FOV during in-cockpit zoom. See below: The NVG FOV should be locked (to about the FOV shown below from experience) to allow easier 'looking under the goggs' for cockpit work, using the MDIs etc... With this, there should be an option to slew the NVG FOV in the screen FOV (up / down). Also, JHMCS + NVG might want to be one or the other, not both...
  3. The way i have been taught to learn checklists is to say each check in sequence verbatim. If you got one wrong, stop and start the checklist from the beginning. Do this until you get it perfect. Where i work i have to learn the normal checklists verbatim as well as the emergency BOLDFACE which is the initial actions (IA's) along with all cautions and warnings associated with the flight manual. The above method works, trust me, me and every other course before me uses this technique and it does work.
  4. The CH gear has 6 throttles dosent it? I was looking for just the three (throttle, prop, mixture)
  5. Love the throttle, i have been looking for one of those but i cant find any. Hope it comes out within the next 5 months
  6. Cheers mate! nice one.
  7. Is it possible to change the colour of the smoke (make it lighter) and make it so it is on permanently without the flame and engine failure?
  8. I keep saying this but i still think lockon would be magnificent (more so) if we had these aircraft (yak-52, T-6, L-39) the model is already there for the yak-52, just implementation of advanced prop FM. on second thoughts, ED does have more important things to do than appeal to my whims... Sorry OT... Carry on.
  9. What aircraft(s) does the russian airforce use in flight school. In aussie land its: C/T-4B -> P/C-9A -> Hawk Mk 127 with the Hawk being fighter conversion. Not sure about the US: T-6A -> T-38 ? Russian: ??? yak-52, l-39 ???
  10. Aeroscout, most people seem to be confused about the definition of 'colimated'. A colimated light beam is one that has a constant spot size along any point of the beem, parallel if you will. Images in the far field, i.e. objects viewed from a large distance, approximate this criterion. The human eye operates via this method and 'auto-focuses' the image at 'infinity'. Therefore if you combine the collimated light beams from the HUD projector with those from out the front of the aircraft far away (such as a target) they will be in the same plane of focus and appear as one image. That is also the reason why when you move your head, the HUD image seems to be the same size and 'ground stabalised' i.e. self aligning as we can see in the BS movies. Hope that clears things up and does not confuse things further :p
  11. Thats what i have been saying for a long time!!
  12. This and the yak-52 (from which it is based?) would be an invaluable addition to this simulator
  13. I love flying A2A in the Vanilla and T, just feels more satisfying when you actually manage to place a round on target!
  14. Lockonfiles.com http://lockonfiles.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdownload&cid=72#cat Third from the bottom P.S. I am glad you like the skin, Thanks!
  15. Different scores on the officer board depending if they like you or not, no different for aptitude, if thats what you mean.
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